Using The Swords And Shields Of Faith

Using The Swords And Shields Of Faith

Using The Swords And Shields Of Faith

Survival of a Christian, Fight or be Destroyed.

If you are a Christian, then you must take the bread and the wine everyday in remembrance of Christ’s victory on the cross.


Also you must cross your forehead with Holy waterwhich has been dedicated to the Lord when you partake of the emblems, which will remind you that Christ is with you and walking with you daily.


Then you must take some of the Holy water and splash it on crosses which you have placed inside and outside your house which will ward off all evil, this must be done everyday,    ( this was done regularly by the early Christians who knew the power of God’s weapons),    and the wearing of a cross is also essential.


Also you need to understand that God’s Hebrew name is YHWH, who created all things and one of the things that He created for mans health is His holy herbs, which were given to deliver man from his many ailments.


Not only can these herbs be eaten but also they are to be placed as dried flowers around the house to ward off evil spirits as the early Church did. When using these swords and shields of faith, you must say the words JESUS CHRIST CONQUERS.


Also every day you must command God’s Holy angels to go out and fight for you against the evil powers that afflict your life. You seal all this by reading God’s Word and prayer, and you will surely be victorious in your life .


All these things are a must for your survival in these evil days as we wait for the imminent return of Jesus Christ our Saviour, without them you will be crushed and not survive.



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