The Black Death of St Peter and St Paul Church Peasmarsh East Sussex

St Peter and St Paul Peasmarsh

This ancient Norman church was the center of the evil Black Death which devastated this place.

It is said that the old village was built around this Church, but the Black Death had such a devastating effect upon this village that the villagers had no choice but to rebuild their village a mile down the road from the Church.

For the only way that they could get rid of this plague was to burn down their old wooden houses, and start afresh further away. This advice was given by the Rector of the Church after much prayer, they all agreed that this was the only answer.

The Rector then had the stonemason carve these three mystical animals on the stone that were built into the walls of the Church. The Stag which was below ground level, ( hidden in the drain), which would keep the evil rats from ever entering the Church by way of the drains. The Unicorn on the side of the Church, to ward off the evil plague from entering the doors of the Church, and the mystical bird to stop the plague from entering from roof.

Inside the Church there are two Leopards carved into the sides of the arch leading to the altar, which would ward off the disease of leprosy which was also rampant in this area at the time.

The villagers of Peasmarsh understood the power of the symbols which God had given them, which would protect them, from these evil things.

We found a picture on the wall, the words of this wonderful hymn which reminded us that the Lord made a more beautiful village for the people to live in than they ever had before. We can hear these words echoing in the Church of long ago, All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all.

The Stag .


mystical bird.



St Peter and St Paul Peasmarsh (3).

All things bright and beautiful.

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