Supernatural Powers Promised in End Times For Christians

The Lord said, “Prophecy to the nation and say, for my people in these days life shall be good, for I shall bless them with more faith, and more joy, and a greater inner peace than ever before. But unto them that reject my word, the trouble that they have in this nation shall wax worse more and more.

There shall be no peace for those who will reject me, he that rejecteth Christ, rejecteth me, he that hath Jesus Christ hath me, the true and only YHWH.

To my people I will give a greater expectation of Christ’s return in the minds of my people than ever before, and they will know the true meaning of my word and they will know what it is like to live in the days of the great outpouring of my spirit, for I will pour of my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams,                      

And my people shall prophesy, thus  saith the Lord”.