St. John’s wort kills cancer cells, actually kill off cancerous tumours.

Incredible Powerful Antibiotic.


Prevent colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

St. John’s wort Have been shown in laboratory test tubes, to kill cancer cells.

Healing all around you.

Positive tests have shown St. John’s Wort used against breast cancer, skin cancers and gliomas, brain cancer, at low doses it stops the growth of new cancer cells and at high doses it kills the cancer cells.

Very powerful herb given by YHWH your Heavenly Father ABBA.

Amazing qualities of St. John’s wort Cures cholera, also bronchitis, urinary tract infections.

Bacterially based boils and tumors can be dissolved and removed with the use of St. John’s Wort.

Gets rid of depression and anxiety.

St. John’s Wort will stop back pain, including lower back pain.

Headaches, migraines.

It is a sedative to help you sleep.

Overall Pain Killer

Amazing miracle working herb of St. John’s wort.

Very Powerful Anti-Inflammatory, Antidepressant.

For pelvic pain and cramping. Heals wounds and bruises, sprains, or varicose veins and stops Diarrhea.

Prevent stretch marks, heals hemorrhoids, heals muscle problems.

Healsmalaria, heals wounds, burns, bites and even ulcers.

Healing all around you.

I would like to reveal to you a great truth, that your healing is all around you. God has not abandoned you, He has created a wonderful world full of herbs and plants which can and will heal every disease known to man. But you must believe by faith that He has done this.


When you decide to use YHWH’s herbs to heal yourself you must grow your own herbs and not get them from so-called health herb shops for they really contain very little or none at all of the herb that you need.

You will never know the healing power of these herbs if you buy them from health shops, I state again, grow your own.

Most of the herbs that you need to heal yourself can also be found in the fields and meadows around where you live. Walking and discovering these herbs alone will bring new vigor and health to your body.

Do be blessed do be healed in Yeshua Name.

Notes — Cancer fighters. do look up on web.

Kill Cancer Cells without Side Effects.

“an apple a day will keep the doctor away”. And be sure and eat the seeds.

It’s good to eat the seeds whenever you eat apricots don’t throw them away.

Apple seeds and apricots contain b17 vitamin b17 is an antioxidant; it Kills free radicals which cause cancers.

BAKING SODA KILLS CANCER. Maple Syrup and Baking Soda Cancer Remedy.

Rhubarb Kills cancer cells.

Red clover Kills cancer cells.

Horestail herb

If your disease does not go away by using simple herbs and prayers, then there is a spiritual ministry that must be done on you that will destroy this infirmity which can be only done by a man of God who knows how to employ the most powerful spiritual warfare, there are not many of these God fearing man with these gifts of deliverance but there are a few.
You see if you cannot get healed then your infirmity has been caused by sorcery.
I employ you to seek out a God fearing man so that you can once again enjoy your life.

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