Sheela-na-gig found in Wivelsfield Church East Sussex

Sheela-na-gig found in Wivelsfield Church East Sussex

Protection against evil and lust


Yes Sheela-na-gig looks disgusting and ugly but they are for repelling sexual unclean spirits, that plagued man. sexual unclean evil spirits can not stand them and flee where ever they are put.

sheelas were placed above windows and doors to prevent the evil spirits of lust from entering. It is a fact that the devil cannot stand the sight of it. —–King David and Solomon would not have had so much trouble if they had this symbol.

We came across these two figures in the porch of this Church, they were carved by the early Christians for a symbol to ward off evil. Christians in the early part of this Churches history knew exactly what they were up against, for the spirit world was not hidden from their eyes, unlike today where Christianity has become so de-spiritualized.

Carving of a Sheela-ma-gig, would remind the sexual unclean spirits of their end.
Sheela-ma-gig are frequently found on churches all over Europe and it is commonly said that they are there to keep sexual evil spirits away They are often positioned over doors or windows, presumably to protect these openings. This Symbol will help those who have this type of problems

evil spirits

This carving would remind evil spirits on entering this Church of their end, how that they would be bound and thrown into the pit of fire.

Binding Spirits
The symbol of the bound spirits in Churches are there for people to see, that all the evil spirits of that Church and area have been bound.

If this symbol of a bound spirit is not present in a Church, then other evil spirits will run riot with that Church and area.
This is why this symbol was used in the early Church. Every Church needs this symbol in it to remind the Christians that the evil spirits have been bound and to show the evil spirits that Yeshua has all authority here. These symbols surely ward off evil.

EASTBOURNE 2009 562 Green Man foun in Chailey Church East Sussex

The Green man was named in 1929 by Lady Raglan. The man’s is surrounded by foliage, and foliage sprouting from its mouth, nose, eyes, or ears. It can sometimes also be a face entirely composed of leaves.

The Green Man, also called Jack-of-the-Green or leaf man, represents most certainly the tree angel spirit.
The green man or angel of the foliage, was put in Churches as a sign to ward off evil. Early Christians were not naive to the spiritual realm as most Christians are today.

Green man.

Archangel Micheal (2) Archangel Michael keeps evil away found in Seaford Church East Sussex.


LINK  Sheela Na Gig found St Nicholas Church Studland Dorset

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