Miracles Today Still Can Happen S t Lewinna Sussex

S t Lewinna a young Christian Saxon Martyr killed by Viking raiders in 690 A.D

She was one of but a few who had the very extraordinary gift of miracles. People would come from all over the British Isles to receive their miracles from this child of God.

When she softly spoke the name of Jesus, it was enough to receive the incredible gift of a miracle from her. This she would do at the Priory at Lullington, where now stands only a little Church, but it is still a mighty place of worship, and a mighty place for anyone to receive their miracle today.

This ever so young girl became famous throughout the Saxon lands, but also became a target for the Vikings, who murdered her hoping that this would stop her gift of miracles which the Saxons gained great faith in Christ through. But this wonderful gift continued even after her death for her bones still radiated this gift.

And so many made their pilgrimage to this Priory at Lullington even from across the Channel, and even more got converted to Christ.

A monk called Balger from the priory of Bergue, who wanted the fame and the credit for making his priory famous came and stole her bones, but it is said that somewhere, maybe only the dust of her bones remain, near the Church of Lullington still radiates the wonderful gift of our Lord to this day.

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