Knights Templar of Warleggan Bodmin Cornwall



Warleggan Church is very small and isolated on Bodmin Moor, In 1931 the local rector Frederick Densham upset his parishioners.

He decorated the rooms of the rectory with scenes from the Bible lands and erected a barbed wire fence around the grounds to keep out unwanted visitors.

He upset local farmers by raising a litter of puppies and allowing them to run free on the moor to worry the sheep.

He painted the inside walls of the church blue red, and yellow which upset his parishioners.

His parishioners vowed never to return to the church as long as he remained there,

His sermon for Christmas day 1952 took as its theme “God is Love”, as on all other days of the year not one single person attended the service, Densham made cardboard cut outs of his congregation, and preached to these cardboard cut outs as the people refused to attend Church while he was the Rector..

Shortly after giving interviews to an American magazine about his solitary existence Frederick Densham died. It was over a week before he was missed. A week later a new rector arrived at Warleggan Church and once again the Church was filled with people.

Some believe it was the ungodly parishioners who was at fault!

We found this Church in one of the most lonely parts of the moor.

Some say that Warleggan got its name from the Knights Templar who used the surrounding areas for training the Knights for war in the Holy Lands. The nearby Church in Temple which gets its name from the Templar’s is well documented as being owned and used by the Knights.

Bodmin Moor Cornwall

Bodmin Moor

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