Genocide Prophecy

The Lord says, If the people that rule you make laws to justify the killing of my unborn children how do you think that it is going to go well for the rest of you?

There will be evil laws passed to try to destroy you, they cause hell for the unborn, they are very evil every one of them, they will be judged.

Better that they have a mill stone tied about their necks and that they be thrown into the deepest sea than to hurt one of my little ones Saith the Lord.

Did you know that the doctors in our hospitals are protected by the law so that they can withhold food and water from the very sick and elderly, so that they die quickly, to save money from the hospital budget. They have the right by the law to withhold this cruel information of genocide that they practice from the relatives, when they practice this evil.

I myself have been one of their unsuccessful victims of their cruel genocide, when I was very sick I was operated on with no anacestic, my arms held down while they lanced an abscess on my stomach, my pleas for anacestics was refused even though I was being treated for heart failure. They still proceeded , I cried out loud as the knife cut into my skin, afterwards I said to them, you treat a dog better than me, you wouldn’t operate on a dog without an anacestic. Also during my recovery a virus super bug was in one of the wards, everyone was evacuated except me, yes they are very evil and they will be judged.

Getting rid of needy patients is a major NHS priority. They bump off thousands and get away with it.

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