Found Knights Templar Shield West Knighton Dorset

Knights Shield

Knights Shield

The wall painting which is visible above the level of the Church roof timbers depicts a circular painting known locally as the Crusaders shield.

It shows a pyramid surrounded by sun burst of rays, and within is written in Hebrew, the name translate as YHWH, and translated into English as “Jehovah.

It is believed to have been painted by the Knights of Saint John, who worshipped at this church at the time of the Crusades. The Knights of Saint John church can be found in the county of Dorset England

ShieldThis circular painting of a Crusaders shield was discovered in the 19th century by candlelight, by a man when he crawled into the roof to examine roof timbers.

It became completely revealed when the ceiling was removed in 1927 during a complete renovation. If it wasn’t concealed in those early days it would have surely been destroyed by the Puritans

The Crusaders Church

Notice the word “LORD” in capital letters written in the Bible means יהוה, in Hebrew YHWH, and translated into English as “Jehovah

Knights Templar .

King Richard I .


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