Do Not Fear The Lord’s Angels

Do Not Fear The Lord’s Angels

Seeing angels is a very rare experience, although I myself can give witness of seeing these angelic beings throughout my life. Yet others, including my wife has never seen an angel, yet, she believes in angels just as much as I do.

My experience of seeing these angelic beings has not increased my faith, you would think that it would but it doesn’t, for the measure of my faith has come from the Lord.

There is no need to fear angels, for if the Lord wanted you to witness them He would certainly remove any fear.

Now some people think that by going into spiritual things, that this would cause you to witness evil spirits as such. But let me assure you of God’s Word, if you ask your heavenly Father for bread, He will not give you a stone, and if you ask Him for a fish, He will not give you a serpent, or ask for an egg, He won’t say, “here is a scorpion”, your heavenly Father will give you the Holy Spirit, if you ask Him. This is the teachings of Jesus.

Will He not give the knowledge of His angels to you if you ask Him? He certainly will not give you evil spirits. The scripture Luke 11v 13, proves this, do read.

The need to know this teaching in these days could not be more needed by Christians who are under attack as never before.

Now the Bible calls our body a vessel, or flesh, and this vessel is too weak to hold God’s Word

Do you remember when Jesus said to His disciples the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Matthew 26.41,

yet, we have many people today who believe that by quoting the Word of God alone you can overcome anything, this certainly is not true.

For we need the Word of God and His heavenly host of angels to confront and destroy the evil in this world, for evil constantly seeks to destroy us.

Now I would like to give you a little information about some of God’s holy angels. But first I must stress to you a very important word that the Lord has given to me. That angels can be commanded to retrieve the promises of God, and to attack the problems in your lives. But on no occasion would the Lord have us to pray to angels, or seek to converse with angels, for this is forbidden by the Lord. For we only make our petitions to God through Jesus Christ.

Now the Holy scriptures speaks of the Watchers, angelic angels, Daniel chapter4v17. From the Holy scriptures I will give you some names of Holy angels, and their God given ministry on this earth. 4

Holy angel Michael, who presides over human virtue, commands nations, and has the power to stop wars, he is merciful and patient. He is the one who crushes the head of the devil.

Holy angel Gabriel, presides over paradise, and is in charge of the cherubim’s, and other holy angels, he is known as a messenger of God, he has great power given to him by God.

Holy angel Raphael, who presides over the spirits of men, also is known to bring healing from God to God’s people.

Holy angel Raguel, he inflicts punishment from God on the evil people of this world, and evil spirits.

Holy angel Uriel, one of the Holy angels who watch, he presides over clamour, and terror in the world.

Holy angel Phanuel, presides over those who repent and those who hope in Christ for their eternal life.

Holy angel Sarakiel,he watches the people who are evil, and records their evil in a book of remembrance.

The main commandment that the Lord has given to His angels is to restore the earth, which the evil fallen angels have corrupted, and to announce life to it.

There are other angels who surround the throne of God’s glory, who never, never sleep, but watchers His throne of glory, they are seraphim, cherubim and ophanin, and beyond them innumerable, thousands of thousands, and myriads of myriads, who surround our Lord’s throne.

Angel Michael (2)angel

female - like angels (2)



angel of our Adonai .


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  1. im a child of the light and not a angle. Just trying to understand angles.

    • Yes you are a child of the light and you are higher then all the angels of God for you are God’s Child.

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