Naming a storm is giving place to the devil

Naming a storm is giving place to the devil (which means yes are giving the devil permission) storm’s are manifestation’s of demon’s, when you give them name’s, you are giving them power to become much more powerful, don’t give place to the devil.
King James Bible
And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm      Angel


A Brother in Paradise

I had a dream of my brother the other day. I saw parts of his life’s struggle, like all of us do, then he fell asleep and awoke in Paradise.
It was a beautiful place filled with trees, two angels came to welcome him, my brother face was so young and he was so happy.
I said I thought you went to sleep he just laughed, he said “I tricked you”, I said “that’s not funny”, that was just like him. Then he asked me about some problem he had with dreams, when he was on earth. I told him we are not responsible for our dreams that we can’t control, that made him happy .

I asked , “ did you see Jesus”, he said, “ No, Jesus is going to appear to every one soon at the same time.” I asked him, “ have you seen God”, “ No, but I have heard him in the garden, he likes to talk with US HIS CHILDREN.”west-stoke-beptonipingetc-041

Tongues of warfare, tongues of angels

In the early 80’s revival broke out across the uk, many people were swept into the Kingdom of heaven.

A special gift from God started to manifest amongst the new believers, this gift was known as stated in the bible has the gift of tongues, for many years this gift was and still is use to communicate with The Almighty God,

but little known to the believers was that this gift was an Endtime gift of enormous power for it has the ability to evoke the Wrath of God, it is a spiritual weapon that can be use without the enemy’s of the cross knowing who is using it , so no retribution could come on the believer, Father looks after His own.

If you are a Christian with this spiritual gift, here’s the knowledge on how to use it, first you must know that the physical world effects the spiritual world, and in turn the spiritual world effects the physical world with disastrous consequences for the enemies of the cross.

You must not let certain people know what you are praying against. you do this by thinking about the wickedness that you have seen or the evil that has been done to you, then start to pray in that Heavenly language, I tell you God will honour your faithfulness just has He did for the Saint of old, only with thine eyes shalt thou see the reward of the wicked.

If you do this you will be operating on a different realm, no known technology can detect you. So now is the time to unleash your gift, you are truly a warrior of Christ, spiritually you are a Giant.



Change Your Reality


I saw a vision of a ladder, and the Lord was there, He said that when I saved you I placed you at the top of that ladder, I gave you all that you desired, that is the reality that I chose for you.

The reality that you are living in, is not what I chose for you, when you ask for prosperity and health you are trying to climb a ladder but what you are actually doing is climbing down from the top of that ladder were I placed you, further further away you go from your goal.

You need to change the reality, that you are in, for My reality of all that you can desire, and it is done by Believing that I have given you your hearts desire, you don’t have to strive in prayer, Just Believe that, you have all you desire now and your reality will change on it’s own, to the reality that I have chosen for you……. (Quoting scripture helps you to believe…. read this word a few times and slowly to understand fully. ]Reality is like a record that needs to be flipped on to the right side).

Bluebell Woods Misty





Caught in the web


The internet is a demonic spiders trap for us, I had a vision of earth covered in a web, an angel said the occult powers, that is spiritual rulers in high places, have used secret Renaissance hermeticism magick to bring about the imprisonment of mankind, and to destroy man’s soul. They use the physical Chemtrails and the internet which is the physical manifestation of the invisible web that covers this earth, to enslave mankind.

The purpose of these spiritual rulers is to block communication with our Creator and to drive man crazy.

The internet has trapped most of the human race, yes including me.

It lures us into its trap with the promise of knowledge, wealth, sex and friendship, but what it hides from us is that  knowledge come from books, wealth come by  work, sex come by  opportunities that present themselves, (I had to think about that one) and friendship come by speaking to your neighbour, not  by the false illusions of facebook.

We must recognise this and break free.

The more we resist the web, the more we will hear from God. Just like you can break a spiders web with your hand so you can break the occult web, by physically resisting its pull on you by doing something else. In other words “GET A LIFE”.

Mary Magdalene ...

Old barn Sussex

Old barn Sussex



Four Levels of Enlightenment

10537067_698939306842270_7756883952300780829_n[1] Level one You know you are born again, if you question this you have not reached level one.

Level two You know that the world is your enemy, and everyone lies and cheats and makes profit from you, and couldn’t care less if you die, if you do not produce profit for them They will kill you.

Level three You know everything has a soul and a spirit, including plants, stones animals, everything lives is and beneficial to you for your wellbeing, there is nothing found on earth that does not have a kind of life hidden within it, all things have a body, soul, and spirit, all things can communicate from its spirit to your spirit if you know how to listen.

Level four You know that you possess great powers to affect your life, and you are learning to use these hidden powers, you can feel that these hidden powers are hidden deep within you. You are to be feared more than any physical weapon, known to mankind for you can destroy evil with spiritual powers, (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds) TEMPLECOMBE CHURCH AND VILLAGES 462