A Brother in Paradise

I had a dream of my brother the other day. I saw parts of his life’s struggle, like all of us do, then he fell asleep and awoke in Paradise.
It was a beautiful place filled with trees, two angels came to welcome him, my brother face was so young and he was so happy.
I said I thought you went to sleep he just laughed, he said “I tricked you”, I said “that’s not funny”, that was just like him. Then he asked me about some problem he had with dreams, when he was on earth. I told him we are not responsible for our dreams that we can’t control, that made him happy .

I asked , “ did you see Jesus”, he said, “ No, Jesus is going to appear to every one soon at the same time.” I asked him, “ have you seen God”, “ No, but I have heard him in the garden, he likes to talk with US HIS CHILDREN.”west-stoke-beptonipingetc-041


Word of Wisdom Holy Crucifix

The  Holy Crucifix is the most  effective means of destroying demons and witchcraft, Warning do not minister to the sick without a Crucifix Because the evil  diseases  might come on YOU. The Crucifix  stops the Transference of the evil spirits.

 You Must  Protect Yourself  Before You Pray for them.

Angel with the Implements of Crucifixion.

Angel collecting the Implements of Crucifixion so that they could be brought back to God, and not become objects of worship. For man has the tendency to worship things that he can see, but faith in God requires man to believe in what he cannot see, this is faith.

Prophecy of the Cross
The emblems of the Crucifixion have become the greatest spiritual weapons in the Christians arsenal. There is nothing more powerful than these weapons, for they remind the devil of his end.

For these cruel implements that were used to hold our Saviour on that cross, will now hold satan down for eternity in the pit of hell.

These implements were fashioned not on earth but in heaven itself by the hand of God, then handed to angels who carried them to earth, to be given to evil men to carry out the will of God.

For it was God’s plan that Christ would obtain Salvation for His people in this ultimate sacrifice.

No tree that could grow on this earth could ever hold our God, for this tree was created and grown in heavens garden, and given to angels, to bring to earth. Also the crown of thorns which was also grown in heaven was brought by them.

For no thorns on earth could possibly pierce the head of Christ and make it bleed for humanity, and no hammer or nails could be forged on earth, for these also were prepared on the anvils in heaven by our heavenly Father.

The scroll of paper which was written with our Lord’s warrant of crucifixion, was brought by angels from heaven, it came from the book of God.

The sponge that wiped the lips of Jesus was made by the Father and the spear that pierced His side, was also forged in the furnaces of heaven and beaten out on the anvil by the hand of God, these were also brought to earth by the angels. For the very purpose of the redemption of mankind.

Now you may say, “Where are these implements of sacrifice?” and Why is the devil so terrified of them, and where are the implements and the cross?” Well, they are in the Ark of the Covenant, with the other implements which God has made, like the Ten Commandments which were given to Moses, and the Staff of Aaron and the Manna from Heaven For all these came from heaven made by the Fathers hand.

Like I said before the devil and his evil spirits are terrified of these emblems, for they will one day be the very instruments of torture and pain, by which satan and his evil spirits will be held down, and fixed to in the very pits of a burning pit of fire.

This ends the prophecy of the emblems of Christ our Saviour.

This prophecy came to me in the early hours of the morning of the 11th of May 2009. Cornishevangelist.

Boy Jesus comtemplating His future.

We  have eternal life through Christ Jesus.

I Will Judge You in the Valley of Decision Prophesy

“The Lord has given a command to the enemies of the cross, wake up ye mighty men of war, prepare yourselves, come to the place where I shall slaughter you. Make weapons of war in your factories, say to yourselves that you are strong, assemble yourselves against my people, and the people of Israel.                

 I will judge you all as you surround Israel, your blood will overflow the land because your wickedness is great.”

“I will judge you in the valley of Decision, these are the end times spoken of by the prophet Joel 3 v 9-21. From Israel my voice shall be heard from the city of Jerusalem, it will be a time when the heaven and the earth will shake with a mighty shaking.

 For war shall be in the sky and in the earth, the Christians will put their trust in Christ for they know that He is their hope and salvation, and Christ Jesus is the strength of the children of Israel.

By these things the world will know that I am the Lord Jesus Christ your God, who dwells in Zion my Holy mountain.  “The people of Jerusalem will then be Holy. The wicked shall not be found in that land anymore. A time of great joy, and peace and prosperity will flow like a mighty river over all Israel, coming from the house of the Lord, and filling every valley.”

“The nations that have raised their hands against my people of Judah, and have shed their innocent blood, shall be made a desolate wilderness. My people will dwell in the city of Jerusalem, from generation to generation, for I will forgive them and cleanse them, for the Lord Jesus Christ dwelleth in Zion.” Thus saith the Lord.

Supernatural Powers Promised in End Times For Christians

The Lord said, “Prophecy to the nation and say, for my people in these days life shall be good, for I shall bless them with more faith, and more joy, and a greater inner peace than ever before. But unto them that reject my word, the trouble that they have in this nation shall wax worse more and more.

There shall be no peace for those who will reject me, he that rejecteth Christ, rejecteth me, he that hath Jesus Christ hath me, the true and only YHWH.

To my people I will give a greater expectation of Christ’s return in the minds of my people than ever before, and they will know the true meaning of my word and they will know what it is like to live in the days of the great outpouring of my spirit, for I will pour of my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams,                      

And my people shall prophesy, thus  saith the Lord”.


Strange Supernatural Powers

The Cheesewring on Bodmin Moor..

The Cheesewring on Bodmin Moor,.

The Cheesewring on Bodmin Moor... .

The Cheesewring on Bodmin Moor

There is a Pythagoras Carvings on the roof of Daniel Gumb’s Cave

The powerful energy forces that criss-cross our planet, which many people call ley lines are in fact Holy energy lines laid down by YHWH (God), when He created the world.
If you are a Christian no harm will come to you when you visit these strange so called ley line hotspots, but if you seek that which is not of YHWH in these places you will be putting yourself in considerable danger.
I visited this place recently when I returned to the place of my birth Cornwall. My ancestors were all miners and farmers who worked this ancient land. My grandfather worked down a mine at Dolcoath Camborne, he began his work down there at the age of fourteen, this mine is one of the deepest mines in West Cornwall.
Many tales he would tell of the strange happenings deep down under the earth’s crust, to an outsider it would be very frightening to enter these deep caverns under the earth, but the Cornish miners had great faith in their Christian belief and knew that the power of Christ would bring a far greater light to those dark places than any candle ever could. Armed with a cross in their right hand and a pick in their left, they dug out these rich minerals, and made England what it is today.
Now I encountered a power surge which caused my camera to malfunction at the top of this tor (hill), and some other spiritual happening which I will not disclose at this time, but I can assure you that it was an encounter of the highest heavenly spiritual realm, which would shatter the unbelief of the unbeliever.


Blowing of the Shofar ushers in the day of the Lord.

Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand; Joel 2:1

The SHOFAR, is a powerful tool for our worship & a powerful weapon for our spiritual warfare.

SHOFAR – Hebrew for a trumpet made from a ram’s horn.

You must realize that physical things do impact the spiritual realm and the spiritual the physical realm.

The devil is the prince and power of the air.
When you blow a Shofar? You release into the air the sound of the warfare, which is like the voice of Elohim.
Each time you sound it, you are destroying the enemy’s camp with the voice of Elohim.
That is why the atmosphere of a room changes when the Shofar is sounded. You are clearing the air between you and heaven. You driving back the enemy with each blast of the Shofar.



The Cheesewring on Bodmin Moor.... (2).

Visiting ancient Christian places will impart powerful blessing on you.

If you ever desire to go to this place, I must warn you that you must be a Christian or be a seeker of the Christian faith, any other motive you will be putting yourself in considerable danger.

The Cheesewring on Bodmin Moor..

John Wesley and Gwennap Pit

Gwennap Pit, this is very close to where I grew up and where I would like to think that my journey of faith and truth began.

   Little did I know what influence this place would have on my life.

   Gwennap Pit is a large circular depression, probably a partial collapse of an underground mine, about two and a half miles from Redruth.  John Wesley a Methodist minister preached to the miners and fishermen at Gwennap Pit many times when he was in Cornwall.

   The congregation sat or stood on the inclined sides of this pit which was described by Wesley in his journal as being about fifty feet deep and two hundred by three hundred feet across the top.

   In his 1781 visit to Gwennap Pit, John Wesley estimated that he had preached to “20,000 people and, the evening being calm, they all could hear,” he said.

   This is where my mother gave her heart to Jesus when she was a little girl. Her auntie was the caretaker, at that time.

   Many times when my mother was a little girl she would run from the top to the bottom and back again, she said I would pretend to preach the Gospel to the people there. It was my Godly mother who planted seeds of faith in me.  When I was a boy she would take me to the Whit Monday services which are still held every year at this pit by the Methodist church.

   In Cornwall visions and dreams and words of knowledge are common among the Cornish Christians. Many will testify of God’s speaking to them and showing them visions just like the early church experienced.

In my own family this was very prominent, my mother would tell me how she would hear angels singing praises to God as she walked in the fields, and my grandmother saw a vision of Jesus, walking down the corridor in hospital when she was very poorly. She soon began to recover after seeing Jesus.

When I was about twelve years of age, I experienced God in a very powerful way. I was coming home from school, it was about a mile walk to my farmhouse, and the clouds became very dark, then a hailstorm started to fall, stinging my face, lightening tore across the sky, it was like being on a battlefield.

I hid myself behind a garage wall for shelter, but then things became much worse. I saw in the sky a huge ball of fire with lightening coming out of it, and it was heading straight for me. I cried to God, “Oh God, Oh God, save me,” and then there was a huge explosion, as God blew it out of the sky before it could kill me.

I was very surprised to find that there was no hole in the ground, or any damage to the garage. I could hardly believe it, even though I had experienced it with my own eyes.

So, I asked the children who were on the bus with me, “did you see a ball of fire coming out of the sky last night when I got off the bus?” “Yes,” they replied, and also my mother saw the same ball of fire streaking across the sky.
How true is God’s Word when He says, “Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you.”

Also when I was about twelve years of age, I saw a vision of an angel, which glowed with a light which was brighter than the very sun itself. The light did not hurt my eyes, and the angel just stood there smiling at me. It appeared to me one night after I was very distraught, for I heard my mother and father saying that my sister was having an operation and they could loose her.

Well, my sister made a full recovery and now when I look back I can see that God sent one of His angels to reassure me. So you see, if it is needed God will send one of His angels to reassure you as well.

Cornish Revival

I will never forget the time of the Cornish Revival which happened in 1986, it lasted for about 4 years. The churches in Redruth were filled, and many hundreds of people came to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

 This is the year that I got saved, for I was seeking the Lord after loosing my father and sister. I was praying to God asking Him, what was the purpose of life. I did not attend any church, but I believed in Jesus and God, but my life in no way reflected it.

 I began to read the Bible in those early years, but I could not find peace. One day I was driving past Redruth Baptist Church, when I noticed cars parked outside the church and all the way up Station Hill. So many people were going to the church which I found very strange.

I said to my wife, “I am going to find out why they are going in there.” So one Sunday night I parked my car and prayed to God and said,  “ Lord, the only church that I have ever been to is Lanner Methodist Sunday school, and I didn’t like that, but this Baptist church troubles me, but it is your church as well so I will go and see what they are doing .”

   When I went in, there was no room, so I had to stand at the back. I had never seen so many people singing and praising God in this way before, the music and singing was so good, and the people’s faces were smiling, they were so happy and friendly. So, I went home and I couldn’t wait to tell Diane what I had experienced that night.

We went back many nights together, it was so good. Then one night Colin Salter the Pastor preached, “Do you know Jesus, have you repented for all the bad things that you have done, and asked Christ into your heart to save you?” Well, I always thought that He was my Saviour, I always believed in Him, but like I said before my life certainly did not reflect Christianity in any way.

   You see, every other word that I spoke at that time was a swear word, and my childhood was spent in countless fights, and in my early twenties I borrowed over an hundred thousand pounds from a bank to build a bungalow estate in Fourlanes, the equivalent to a million pounds in today’s money, some of the practices in dealing with banks managers and solicitors were very devious to say the least. The building trade was a very bad influence on my life, It left me broke and hopeless, I needed Jesus to save my soul. So, that night after church I went out into the fields to pray, I said, “Lord Jesus I am sorry for all the bad things that I have done, come into my life take control, I give my life to you.” 

Over the next two weeks I was very troubled, I was sending our children to Lanner Methodist Sunday school for their Sunday school lessons, but Diane and I were going to theBaptistChurch. Well, I thought we had better go with our children.                                                 

   The MethodistChurchwas very traditional in their worship, but it wasn’t long before revival broke out there as well, and twenty seven members of our family came to know the Lord, and that church became full. This gave great concern to the nearby landlord of the pub as the overflow from the church encroached on his premises. There was not enough parking spaces for his customers. One Sunday morning the local preacher gave the alter call, he said, “Anyone can come to the front to receive God’s blessing.” Well, the Spirit of the Lord moved on me and said, “Go” Then I heard another voice saying, “You are not good enough, you are a sinner.”                                

   But I had read my Bible, and I knew that it said that Christ came to save sinners, and I was a sinner, and Jesus would save me. It was so hard to stand up. But I did, and as I went to the front of the church my eyes went into tunnel vision, I knew that I had to get down on my knee’s by the communion rail, tears of repentance filled my eyes, as I felt God’s presence so strongly, and it was there where He baptised me with the Holy Ghost and fire.

Then the preacher said, “What do you want to do for the Lord,” I said, “I want to preach.” I don’t know why I said that, because I had never spoken publicly before and my reading was very poor, but God soon changed that.

   I preached my first sermon in Crofthandy Methodist Chapel, which is between Gwennap pit and Billy Bray’s Chapel, which is in Gwennap Parish, it was filled with elderly Methodist ministers and local preachers, who at that time were Godly men who attended prayer meetings and prayed for revival. Well, I preached in many churches in the Redruth circuit for two years, and was then led by the Lord to preach in the Pentecostal Churches, which has taken me to churches fromPenzancetoBournemouthand many parts of the U.K.

   I am redeemed, oh, praise the Lord! My soul from bondage free, Has found at last a resting place In Him who died for me! I looked, and lo, from Calvary’s Cross A healing fountain streamed; It cleansed my heart and now I sing, praise God, I am redeemed! The debt is paid, my soul is free And by His mighty power, the blood that washed my sins away, Still cleanseth every hour. All glory be to Jesus name I know that He is mine! For on my heart the Spirit seals His pledge of love Divine, And when I reach that world more bright Then mortal ever dreamed, I will cast my crown at Jesus feet And cry, Redeemed, redeemed!

I’m redeemed! …I am redeemed! … I’ll sing it over and over I am redeemed! … oh praise the Lord! Redeemed for ever more!

Holy Ghost Inspired Paraphrase Prophecy of the Book of Revelation

A Holy Ghost inspired paraphrase of the book of Revelation of St John the divine, being Jesus words to the churches of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyratira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea, on how Christ would bless them and us today if we continue to obey our Lords commandments, and being faithful to Him unto the end.

   The Lord says, “Keep close to me, I am Jesus, I am the risen Lord, the exalted one, the everlasting God. If you my chosen ones will continue in my word, then I will give to you the tree of life to eat from. For my life is in the midst of paradise which belongs to my Father. Be faithful even unto the day that you die, if you will do this, I will place a crown of my life upon your head, you will eat of my bread which will give you life, strength and power. A white stone shall I place in your hand, and on that stone shall be written your new name, which no-one has heard of before. You will reign with me delivering my authority and power over entire nations, bringing My Judgment.”

   The morning star shall arise in your hearts, which is my love for you, I will cloth you with pure white garments and keep your name in the book of life forever before me. I will speak your name forever in the ears of my Father and also of His angels, I will build you in to my temple being a mighty pillar in the house of my God, and you shall never leave my presence again, for you will forever shall be with me.”

   The name of God and His name of His City The New Jerusalem, which will come down from Heaven will rest upon you. You will be known to all peoples, and all of creation as the people of God, for My New Name shall be upon you forever and ever.” “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am sat down with my Father in His throne,” Revelation 3:21.

   You that are Christians, listen to my words for I am speaking to you,  “thus saith the Lord.”

Words of Wisdom Quotes Cornishevangelist

The physical things impact the spiritual realm and the spiritual the physical realm.

We are souls in exile in this material world.

Like the breeze caused by the wings of a dove the Breath of Elohim came down upon Yehshua’s Brow.

Nothing dies just break up and go to different places.

There is an element of truth in all things but not all things are true.

Do not dwell over creatures of the world; do not think about people’s words they are vain.

Jesus said ” let him who seek continue seeking until he finds when he finds he will become troubled when he becomes troubled , he will be astonished. And rule over all.

Thinking just clogs up the systems so that’s why you cannot hear YHWH speak to you.

You may say how could I think such a evil thing, but you did not think it, it was the devil that put it into your mind.

Whatever you look at with your eyes you actually touch.

No time to build Castles.

Without YHWH’s blessing, everything is nothing, With YHWH’s blessing, nothing is everything.

Things that grow quickly are soon blown away things that take time last.

Reverence of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom.

Never ask a Angel always command them.

I swear to you, ye righteous, that in Heaven the Angels record your goodness before the Glory of the Mighty One.

That Man never breathed yet, Nor ever shall, That did all well, and had no fault at all.

The ways of YHWH are all easy very easy, it is the ways of man that are complicated and difficult.

Let not all your wisdom be in your books, or you may die a fool.

For man is assuredly born in ignorance, so that he cannot know or understand anything of himself, but only that which he receives from God.

Everything has its spiritual side, Shape, colours,  numbers,  letters,  smells, tastes, feelings,  sounds, ect. Everything has a purpose .    

It is that what is within you, and not that is without you that will do you the must good.

Jesus said, Let him who seek continue seeking until he finds, when he finds he will become troubled, when he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and rule over all.

        No man should deny anything until it has been tested by experience

The powerful Ley Line which runs through the ruin of this ancient Church called St Michaels can be found in Roche, West Cornwall.
The very ancient power source which emanates from this outcrop of rocks, which is situated very near St Austell clay pits, causes a surge of Holy Energy which resonates throughout your body when you stand in this ancient Church.
St Michaels Church is accessed by a twenty foot iron ladder, it can be quite an experience for those who do not have a head for heights. This is but one of many Holy Energy spots which can be found in Cornwall.

On top of the rock is St Michael Church, built in 1409. The ruins of the chapel were last occupied by the family of local landowners when they contracted leprosy, and stayed here so that they would not infect the village.
It is said that Roche Rock was also a staging post for the Knights Templar, for it was easily defended in those violent days.

Visiting ancient Christian places will impart powerful blessing on you.

If you ever desire to go to this place, I must warn you that you must be a Christian or be a seeker of the Christian faith, any other motive you will be putting yourself in considerable danger.

Information for Commanding Angels

Very important information for those who are called to Command Angels.

YHWH has given His twenty two Vibrational Sounds of His Letters.

When you know His sounds of His Letters you can spell and pronounce every word easily.

It won’t be like the scribes or the Hebrew of today, for it will become personal to you and your Father Abba in Heaven, and He will know what you mean, and will bless your faithfulness with his great blessings as He blessed Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who were before you.

The angels in Heaven will be amazed when they hear you speak the Holy Letters which you join together to form the Words of Abba.

Just like your father Abraham spoke and on hearing them the angels will fall prostrate  before YHWH in adoration, and in turn also fall prostrate before you, YHWH ‘S ultimate creation.

The Children of Elohim who are made in the image of the Creator.

For all thing were made in Heaven and earth by YHWH through Yeshua, to worship the Children of YHWH, and in turn all of the Children of YHWH fall prostrate before ADONAI and His only begotten Son Yeshua, and worship Him.

So, begin today and learn the twenty Hebrew Sounds and speak the language of Creation and make it your personal communication between you and Abba.

You need to do this if you are called to Command Angels.


Elohim of Israel Hebrew Alphabet Prophecies

Yeshua HaMashiach

My Word is in the Hebrew Alphabet, that is my Word, and my Name is in every letter of that Alphabet, and by these letters will come life, healing, and joy.

Shalom, Shalom, Shalom.

Learn my Word and I will bless you. My only begotten Son, Yeshua, the Messiah, is in my Word, my Son said,” I come in my Fathers Name.”

My people must learn my Word, which is the Hebrew Alphabet.

The scribes and the priests and the pastors have hidden my truth and have corrupted the scriptures, to lead my people astray.

Yehshua  is My Word became flesh, and walked among my people and gave them light.

Learn my Word, which is the twenty two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.

Which is still the same, it will bring healing, joy, life and peace to all who will learn in reverence, and speak it as an offering to me.

I am the faithful and true Elohim of Israel. I will give life to Jew and Gentile, for all who calls upon the name of Yehshua HaMashiach will be saved.

Adonai said,” One evil Scribe changed the name of my only begotten Son Yeshua HaMashiach, and caused many to be in error through the centuries.”

“The name above all names and the only name that people can be saved through is Yeshua whose name can be found in my name YHWH the Elohim of Israel the One and Only,” saith Adonai.

My Word is like a shining two –edged sword when you speak my Word in Hebrew.

It’s brilliance will smite the eyes of the enemy who constantly fights against you.

Whatever language that you now speak, you must now begin to exchange your words for Hebrew Words, the language of creation.

My Name and the Name of my only begotten  Son spoken in Hebrew will deliver you, and protect you.


Thus saith Adonai.