Naming a storm is giving place to the devil

Naming a storm is giving place to the devil (which means yes are giving the devil permission) storm’s are manifestation’s of demon’s, when you give them name’s, you are giving them power to become much more powerful, don’t give place to the devil.
King James Bible
And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm      Angel


Curse of Madness on Evil Rulers

The curse of Nebuchadnezzar is on the rulers of the nations, cursed says the Lord of Hosts, madness and fools they shall be, says ADONAIeastbournr-oct-09-007-1









Swallow Dream


I saw swallows flying all around me, so I caught one with my hand but my hand covered it, and I could not see it.

Then I saw another swallow, so I let it fly around me, it came so close that I could see is eye looking at me, then it landed on my shoulder, it was then mine.

Then the angel said do not grab for it, for then it will disappear, let it come to you and you will see it clearly and it will be yours that is the law for everything.

When The Holy Spirit is all around you do not reach, let Him rest on you, His Eye you will see, He will rest on you, thus you will be enlighten with the elixir of life which so many have looked for and have never found. Praise the Lord.


Paracelsus spoke the following words to the physicians


Four hundred years ago Paracelsus spoke the following words to the physicians of his times, and we leave it to the reader to judge whether or not his words may find just application today. He says: –“You have entirely deserted the path indicated by Nature, and built up an artificial system, which is fit for nothing but to swindle the public and to prey upon the pockets of the sick.

Your safety is due to the fact that your gibberish is unintelligible to the public, who fancy that it must have a meaning, and the consequence is that no one can come near you without being cheated.

Your art does not consist in curing the sick, but in worming yourself into the favour of the rich, in swindling the poor, and in gaining admittance to the kitchens of the noblemen of the country.

You live upon imposture, and the aid and abetment of the legal profession enables you to carry on your impostures, and to evade punishment by the law.

You poison the people and ruin their health; you are sworn to use diligence in your art, but how could you do so, as you possess no art, and all your boasted science is nothing but an invention to cheat and deceive?

You denounce me because I do not follow your schools; but your schools can teach me nothing which would be worth knowing. You belong to the tribe of snakes, and I expect nothing but poison from you.

You do not spare the sick: how could I expect that you would respect me, while I am cutting down your income by exposing your pretensions and ignorance to the public?”

( One day I believe you all will agree with this word sadly )



Elohim of Israel Hebrew Alphabet Prophecies

Yeshua HaMashiach

My Word is in the Hebrew Alphabet, that is my Word, and my Name is in every letter of that Alphabet, and by these letters will come life, healing, and joy.

Shalom, Shalom, Shalom.

Learn my Word and I will bless you. My only begotten Son, Yeshua, the Messiah, is in my Word, my Son said,” I come in my Fathers Name.”

My people must learn my Word, which is the Hebrew Alphabet.

The scribes and the priests and the pastors have hidden my truth and have corrupted the scriptures, to lead my people astray.

Yehshua  is My Word became flesh, and walked among my people and gave them light.

Learn my Word, which is the twenty two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.

Which is still the same, it will bring healing, joy, life and peace to all who will learn in reverence, and speak it as an offering to me.

I am the faithful and true Elohim of Israel. I will give life to Jew and Gentile, for all who calls upon the name of Yehshua HaMashiach will be saved.

Adonai said,” One evil Scribe changed the name of my only begotten Son Yeshua HaMashiach, and caused many to be in error through the centuries.”

“The name above all names and the only name that people can be saved through is Yeshua whose name can be found in my name YHWH the Elohim of Israel the One and Only,” saith Adonai.

My Word is like a shining two –edged sword when you speak my Word in Hebrew.

It’s brilliance will smite the eyes of the enemy who constantly fights against you.

Whatever language that you now speak, you must now begin to exchange your words for Hebrew Words, the language of creation.

My Name and the Name of my only begotten  Son spoken in Hebrew will deliver you, and protect you.


Thus saith Adonai.



Man must command angels Prophecy

This Prophecy is for those who have been called to the Commanding angels ministry.

The Lord said.
Man must command angels for all the petitions that he has asked His Heavenly Father for, so then it is the angels job to bring mans needs to him.

Today Christians make demands of God and try to command God how foolish.
Angels are male- like, and female- like, they have many more children than the children of men .
Male- like angels have more than one female- like angels for close relationships their relationships with them is far more intense than men and women of the earth.

(This information is only for those who have faith in YHWH’s Word the Bible, the foolish unbeliever’s will scoff)

female-like-angels . .

The Bible says that angels are to minister, yes, they are servants. God has specifically sent them to minister to us, to serve us.

 If your earthly Father sent a servant to your house to serve you, yes, to minister to your needs, wouldn’t you tell them, or shouldn’t I say, command them to cut the grass, or clean the house etc. They would be looking to you waiting for their next instruction, for that is what they are employed to do.

You would say to them, “Go, do this” or “Go do that”. You see, you wouldn’t ask them, you would tell them. You wouldn’t phone up your Father, and ask him to tell them, because your Father has put them in your charge, to do your work. This is the same principle that God wants you to use when you command angels.

If you have a need or a want of any sort, we are to go to the source our heavenly Father, for He has a store house full of blessings. Then we are to send out the angels to retrieve the blessings that our Father has in store for us.

We must make all our petitions to our heavenly Father in and through the name of Jesus, for we know that all the promises of God are yes and amen in Christ Jesus. This is how we know by faith that God’s answer is yes, when we make our petitions to Him.

Now I reiterate that we are to command His angels to go and retrieve the answers to our prayers, and when these angels bring what we have requested to us, from our Father, then we are to thank our heavenly Father in Jesus name for His goodness to us.

To reiterate once again, we do not ask the angels for anything, we command them. We do not thank them, we thank our Father. I hope this teaching which the Lord has given to me, to be published amongst His people will be a great blessing and an encouragement to you all. It certainly will if you put it into practice.

Jesus said in Luke 10:20.

However, do not rejoice that the spirits are submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

The Angel of the Lord


   In the Summer of 2005, I underwent a life-saving operation and during that time I experienced one of God’s Holy angels sent to protect me.  In this very bad time of my life, this angel sat beside me, (about 12 feet high if he stood up), but he just sat there in silence.

   I asked him his name, but he did not speak.  I said to him, “I know who you are and that God has sent you”.  His power was awesome to say the least!  I knew no angel of death would dare enter while God’s mighty angel sat beside me, (and by the way, angels do have wings). 

Bless the Lord Jesus; I now know that no angel in Heaven would want to attract any attention to himself, that is why he did not speak.  We must speak to God through Jesus.  Blessed be the name of the Lord!

“The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them,”        Psalm 34 v 7.