Curse of Madness on Evil Rulers

The curse of Nebuchadnezzar is on the rulers of the nations, cursed says the Lord of Hosts, madness and fools they shall be, says ADONAIeastbournr-oct-09-007-1


Tongues of warfare, tongues of angels

In the early 80’s revival broke out across the uk, many people were swept into the Kingdom of heaven.

A special gift from God started to manifest amongst the new believers, this gift was known as stated in the bible has the gift of tongues, for many years this gift was and still is use to communicate with The Almighty God,

but little known to the believers was that this gift was an Endtime gift of enormous power for it has the ability to evoke the Wrath of God, it is a spiritual weapon that can be use without the enemy’s of the cross knowing who is using it , so no retribution could come on the believer, Father looks after His own.

If you are a Christian with this spiritual gift, here’s the knowledge on how to use it, first you must know that the physical world effects the spiritual world, and in turn the spiritual world effects the physical world with disastrous consequences for the enemies of the cross.

You must not let certain people know what you are praying against. you do this by thinking about the wickedness that you have seen or the evil that has been done to you, then start to pray in that Heavenly language, I tell you God will honour your faithfulness just has He did for the Saint of old, only with thine eyes shalt thou see the reward of the wicked.

If you do this you will be operating on a different realm, no known technology can detect you. So now is the time to unleash your gift, you are truly a warrior of Christ, spiritually you are a Giant.