And they shall dream dreams

The spiritual man is most active when his physical body is asleep. The spiritual side of man is then awake, and is taught through God’s messengers His angels causing him too occasionally to have prophetic dreams, which on awakening the physical consciousness will remember and to which he may pay attention

There are two kinds of dreams, natural ones and such as come from the spirit. It is unnecessary to say much about the former because they are known to all; they may be caused by joy or sadness, by impurities of the blood, by external or internal causes.

A gambler may dream of cards, a soldier of battles, a drunkard of wine, a robber of theft, all such dreams by the lower principles which play with their imaginations heat their blood and stimulate the fantasy.

But there are super natural dreams and they are messengers from God, that are sent to us at the approach of some great danger. Ananias, Cornelius, and many others had similar visions and such supernatural dreams take place even among the present generation, but only the wise pay attention to them, others treat them with contempt, although some dreams are true and do not deceive.

What is probably the most primitive and universal theory is also met with in Jewish dream-lore. While the body is asleep, the spirit, or soul, leaves its corporeal prison and wanders over the face of the earth, reporting back its experiences to the sleepless mind. When one dreams of meeting a friend who is far distant, it is the souls of the two, annihilating space, which have made contact. Some men, of a higher spiritual capacity, behold these visions clearly and well defined; for most men they are confused and obscure.

”But from God—who has promised, indeed, “to pour out the grace of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh, and has ordained that His servants and His handmaids should see visions and dream dreams as well as utter prophecies”

It was, indeed by an inspiration from God that Nebuchadnezzar dreamt his dreams; and almost the greater part of mankind get their knowledge of God from dreams.


They say that dreams are more sure and clear when they happen towards the end of the night, because then the vigour of the soul emerges, and heavy sleep departs.

Wisdom from Angels. Angel Season From Cornishevangelist.

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