Four Levels of Enlightenment

10537067_698939306842270_7756883952300780829_n[1] Level one You know you are born again, if you question this you have not reached level one.

Level two You know that the world is your enemy, and everyone lies and cheats and makes profit from you, and couldn’t care less if you die, if you do not produce profit for them They will kill you.

Level three You know everything has a soul and a spirit, including plants, stones animals, everything lives is and beneficial to you for your wellbeing, there is nothing found on earth that does not have a kind of life hidden within it, all things have a body, soul, and spirit, all things can communicate from its spirit to your spirit if you know how to listen.

Level four You know that you possess great powers to affect your life, and you are learning to use these hidden powers, you can feel that these hidden powers are hidden deep within you. You are to be feared more than any physical weapon, known to mankind for you can destroy evil with spiritual powers, (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds) TEMPLECOMBE CHURCH AND VILLAGES 462


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