Using Art of The Power of God

Cornishevangelist .-[1]

Do not look for nothing that you desire, all things will come to you, if you let it.

Yet you must be in the wright place, you cannot expect to catch fish unless you in the wright place, you must go to the river or sea and if you are aware of the signs you will catch fish, there are signs in this word given to everyone who believes, but so many believe that they can do it themselves without the help of God’s given signs.

If we stop striving all things will present themselves to us, all we got to do then is to act quickly and the signs will show us the way to obtain all things.

These signs come in many ways it can be in dreams, the way animals acts, things people say, something you read, something you hear or touch, you must just be aware.

If you look for signs, you will not find them, you must go about your business and they will present themselves to you, the angels are the ones who job is to bring these God’s given signs to you. You will be amazed when let go and let God show you through His signs which are brought to you by the angels every day.



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