The Bathsheba Curse


The  adultery  curse is on all married  women.

Bathsheba’s  adultery  curse was on her, but if David had waited this curse would have been lifted at the right time. Then she would become available when her husband died naturally, for it was Gods will for David to marry her, so Solomon would have  been born.

She was forbidden only for a season, it is like the tree of knowledge  eating its  fruit before it is ripe, it will be bitter to eat and it will do you no good at all, the tree of knowledge was planted by God, its fruit was not ripe, it was not the time yet to eat, how bitter that curse was.

David and Bathsheba

David and Bathsheba

Secret Knowledge Season  From Cornishevangelist , now not so secret.



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  1. Where is St. Marys location?

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