Secret Occult Knowledge


Everything must be question, nothing in all creation is forbidden, except no man’s word until you have proven it yourself.

Eve was forbidden to eat of the tree of knowledge but she did and her eyes were open, throw Christ we have the right to this same secret occult  knowledge.


Eastbourne Sussex

Eastbourne Sussex


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  1. Can you Explain ?Exactly what do you mean because witchcraft in any form is forbidden..and that is very clear..we def have access to things but not all things are beneficial or allowed as a Christ follower…from your past blogs I am confused by this post. We were purchased with the precious blood and everything is for Gods glory..the Holy Spirit testifies to that and is the only one to bestow supernatural things to us in this His will. Our part is to Know GOD’s Voice and obey to be a worthy vessel for His Glory natural or supernatural!
    In Christ ..Kristine

    • witchcraft and Gods secret knowledge are not the same, Moses used Gods secret occult power to counter pharaohs evil magicians, God showed him how to use this power.Elijah also use this power, which some people would call witchcraft, even Jesus was accused of using evil powers, His miracles they said were performed, by the power of Beelzebub, “the ruler of demons. Powers of God may seem strange. God bestows supernatural things to us from His realm ,only if we, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Nothing will come to us unless we obey His Word obeying His Voice is obeying His Word. Christians are far more powerful then they realize
      in Christ. God bless Kristine.

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