Cardiff Holy Powers Felt in the Blackfriars Priory

Recently we visited Cardiff in South Wales. We were led by the Lord to Black Friars Priory where once stood a mighty Church. Although this Church is now gone, the place on which it was built still radiates great Holy power. All Christians who live near Cardiff should go on a pilgrimage to this place and worship God, and offer up prayers for the Capital City. Christians must take back the Holy places for Christendom.

CARDIFF Blackfriars Priory, was founded in 1256. It stood on the banks of the Taff, between the Castle and the river. The Priory had a very Great Church, 220 feet in length, the ruins can still be seen in the Castle ground.

You can walk the foundations of the Dominican Priory

We also visited St John’s Church which was only a stones throw away from the Priory, in the city centre this Church is a truly bright and shining light for our Lord in Cardiff. The presence of the Lord was very strong when we worshipped the Lord there. St John’s is the oldest church in the city of Cardiff

St John’s Cardiff

St. John with a dragon in His cup.

The stained glass window depicts St. John holding a chalice and out of the chalice is rising an unmistakable snake! Its position is such that it looks as if the snake has just bitten or will bite St. John’s hand. This commemorates the testimony that once, while at Ephesus, John was given a cup of poisoned wine to drink. Before drinking, he blessed the cup and the poison departed the cup in the form of a serpent.

We found this glass in another St. John’s church

Old Christian Latin prayer and conclusion: around 950 AD. ‘My God, and Father and Son and Holy Spirit, to whom all things are subject, on whom every creature depends and to whom every power is subject, and whom (each) fears and dreads,

and (by whom) the serpent is stilled and the dragon flees, the viper (made) silent, and that toad, which is called Rubita, becomes numb with sleep,

the scorpion is destroyed, and the (venomous serpent) regulus is conquered, the (poisonous insect) spalagius works no harm, and all venemous and hitherto creeping ferocious creatures and noxious animals are made dark and all roots adverse to human health are dried up.

You, Lord, destroy this venomous poison, destroy its deadly operation and void the powers that are in it; and give to all those whom you have created in your sight, eyes that they may see, ears that they may hear, a heart that they may understand your greatness.’

And when he (John) had said this he armed all with the sign of the cross and drank all that was in the cup: through the sign of the holy cross and through you, Christ Jesus and God the father of all living, saviour of the world, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, through all things world without end, amen.

Killing the Dragon in Cardiff.There are two demon dragons which fight in the Spiritual World, who seek to control the English and Welsh Nations, bringing them into slavery and to destroy their souls in hell. These two dragons, one red the emblem of Wales and the white dragon the Emblem of England, will be destroyed by the Cross of Jesus Christ. These demon dragons hate the Cross, that is why the true flag of Wales which is the flag of St David has been surpressed. But soon as the people of Wales will turn to Christ in these last days, the flag will once again be flown proudly by God’s People in Wales.

The Christian flag of Wales

Slaying the Dragon in  Cardiff.

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