Words of Wisdom Quotes Cornishevangelist

The physical things impact the spiritual realm and the spiritual the physical realm.

We are souls in exile in this material world.

Like the breeze caused by the wings of a dove the Breath of Elohim came down upon Yehshua’s Brow.

Nothing dies just break up and go to different places.

There is an element of truth in all things but not all things are true.

Do not dwell over creatures of the world; do not think about people’s words they are vain.

Jesus said ” let him who seek continue seeking until he finds when he finds he will become troubled when he becomes troubled , he will be astonished. And rule over all.

Thinking just clogs up the systems so that’s why you cannot hear YHWH speak to you.

You may say how could I think such a evil thing, but you did not think it, it was the devil that put it into your mind.

Whatever you look at with your eyes you actually touch.

No time to build Castles.

Without YHWH’s blessing, everything is nothing, With YHWH’s blessing, nothing is everything.

Things that grow quickly are soon blown away things that take time last.

Reverence of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom.

Never ask a Angel always command them.

I swear to you, ye righteous, that in Heaven the Angels record your goodness before the Glory of the Mighty One.

That Man never breathed yet, Nor ever shall, That did all well, and had no fault at all.

The ways of YHWH are all easy very easy, it is the ways of man that are complicated and difficult.

Let not all your wisdom be in your books, or you may die a fool.

For man is assuredly born in ignorance, so that he cannot know or understand anything of himself, but only that which he receives from God.

Everything has its spiritual side, Shape, colours,  numbers,  letters,  smells, tastes, feelings,  sounds, ect. Everything has a purpose .    

It is that what is within you, and not that is without you that will do you the must good.

Jesus said, Let him who seek continue seeking until he finds, when he finds he will become troubled, when he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and rule over all.

        No man should deny anything until it has been tested by experience

The powerful Ley Line which runs through the ruin of this ancient Church called St Michaels can be found in Roche, West Cornwall.
The very ancient power source which emanates from this outcrop of rocks, which is situated very near St Austell clay pits, causes a surge of Holy Energy which resonates throughout your body when you stand in this ancient Church.
St Michaels Church is accessed by a twenty foot iron ladder, it can be quite an experience for those who do not have a head for heights. This is but one of many Holy Energy spots which can be found in Cornwall.

On top of the rock is St Michael Church, built in 1409. The ruins of the chapel were last occupied by the family of local landowners when they contracted leprosy, and stayed here so that they would not infect the village.
It is said that Roche Rock was also a staging post for the Knights Templar, for it was easily defended in those violent days.

Visiting ancient Christian places will impart powerful blessing on you.

If you ever desire to go to this place, I must warn you that you must be a Christian or be a seeker of the Christian faith, any other motive you will be putting yourself in considerable danger.


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