Prophecy 2nd November 2011 Beware the Viper Is Alive

I had a prophecy dream last night, I was walking in a park, I had a staff in my hand, I saw the viper, cobra, snake, serpent whatever you would call it.

 It was lying on the park bench, it seemed to be dead, I was surprised to see such a thing it was quite large.

I prodded it in the head with my staff, at first I thought it was dead then I noticed a slight movement in its eye, I stood back in astonishment, out of reach of its striking distance.

Then I noticed two mothers entering the park, I wanted to warn them but I could not get the words out.

They had two children with them, and the children started to approach the viper, I wanted to protect them I thought that I would hit the viper with my staff but I could not. I thought if I had a knife I could kill the viper but I didn’t have a knife, then the viper moved towards the children, it was alive and was ready to strike. It was followed by a crocodile with its jaws wide open ready to devour the children.

Then later on in the morning I received a warning to be given to the mothers of Gods children. “Keep your children safe at home, do not let them roam the streets at night, keep them away from all crowds of protesting people.”

Beware the Viper is alive.



Faith in God is believing that God is and is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Faith in God boils down to just one thing, will you trust Him in life’s greatest trials?

Paul the Apostle was a prisoner on a ship, when a great storm arose. The ship was in great danger of sinking, but God spoke to Paul by an angel who told him that if they all stayed in the ship it would not sink, and they would all be saved.

What trust this took, how many of us would have tried some other way, maybe by swimming, or clinging to some piece of old wood. Paul’s words of faith and trust in God brought them all to safety, but the ship was lost.

 Dear Saints, when the wind blows and the storms of life crashes against you, hold on tight to God’s promises and rest in His peace, for He said, “ I am mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea”, {Psalm 93 v 4}.  

 Jesus was in a boat in lake Galilee when a great storm arose, yes He was fast asleep, but His disciples were in great panic and distress.

 How could Jesus sleep through such a storm? Because He totally trusted His Heavenly Father. In great panic His disciples shook Him and woke Him up, and said “don’t you care if we perish? ”Jesus replied,” “Where is your faith?” And He gave a command for the storm to cease.

 And if you put your total unwavering trust in Him, He will command that storm in your life to cease. So, trust your heavenly Father as Jesus did, and be at peace in the storms of life, for it is written, “ Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is staid on thee, trust ye in the Lord forever for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength”, {Isaiah 26 v 3& 4}.  


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