Higher Than Angels

The Bible says we are made lower than the angels, which means lower in power to affect things.

 For angels possess more power than us at the moment, for they were created to help us achieve our goals in life. If it be healing, financial or relationships, that’s why they were created.

But we are the children of the most high and our status is far higher than any angel that has ever been created.

Even more than the Archangel Michael who is the Chief of all Angelic angels that YHWH created.

Angels fear us, for they know that we are made in the image of YHWH, and all things on earth and in heaven were created for us YHWH’s ultimate creation who He loves with an unconditional love.

For God so loved His children that He gave His only begotten Son YESHUA HAMASHIA ( JESUS CHRIST),  to save us.


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