Granite Destroys Radiation Devil



Granite has the unique ability to convert natural and man- made radiation into radon gas, which in turn evaporates into the air.

Just like tree’s have the ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, so granite absorbs the sun’s harmful rays and man- made radiation and converts it to radon gas, which is still a threat to our health but now  easily broken up in the atmosphere.

Cornish cottages which were built with granite were all plastered with clay and lime inside. So, Radon gas would not enter the home, but was released by the exposed Granite on the outside of the cottage.

YHWH made the tree’s to convert carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen and granite to soak up radiation and convert it to a gas that would naturally disperse.

Wherever you see Granite outcrops, you can be sure that they are doing their age old job since creation to clean up our atmosphere.

In Cornwall it is reported that radiation levels in some of the ancient stone circles are much lower sometimes as much as half  of  that on the outside . These standing stone circles can be found all over Cornwall, some say they are like radiation fall- out shelters.

Is it a theory

Is it a fact or is it a word of knowledge YOU DECIDE.

Maybe we need to look into this ancient knowledge and see the secrets of the ancients.

Where do think all the radiation released from all the natural disasters like volcanoes and earth quakes has gone, these last six thousand years.

If  YHWH  did not have a way of cleaning  this planet it would not be habitable!

Roche Rock, Cornwall.

Cheesewring Bodmin Moor, Cornwall.

Cheesewring Bodmin Moor, Cornwall.

Bodmin Moor Cornwall

Fully Persuaded

The kind of faith that God requires is that we would be fully persuaded that what He has promised in His Word, He is able also to perform for us. When there is no longer any reason to believe, because the situation in our life looks and feels hopeless, we still must believe His promises. That kind of faith makes the heart of God glad.

   He will surely bless and help us to come triumphantly through any trial that we face today. When we walk with God in this way, God calls it walking in the steps of righteousness.

   Now, so many blessings were bought for us in Christ Jesus that it would take eternity to know them all, doesn’t it make you glad that you have eternity to find them all out. Hallelujah, Praise God.

   Now all the promises of the Bible are ours in Christ, for they were bought for us and paid in full with the precious blood of Jesus. Therefore let us come boldly before the throne of God, knowing that we have a full right to claim them as our own. For all the promises of God are yes and amen in the name of Jesus.



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  1. Like I said

    Is it a theory

    Is it a fact or is it a word of knowledge YOU DECIDE.

    God Bless

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