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Some say they have seen a ghost of a loved one. This is a common way that evil spirits deceive.

 Evil spirits will take the form  of a loved one, first to gain trust and then would be able to deceive you.
For evil spirits roam this earth and they have all the information that is required about your loved ones, and through this way they would make you mentally disturbed.

So, never seek to converse with any manifestation for you would truly be deceived.

For faith in Christ is believing that your loved ones are with Jesus.

The Lord have no evil spirits, (they are in rebellion against Him) yet He does  have good spirits to carry out His  judgments.

The Lord of Heaven and Earth sends His good spirits who can take the form of people that you used to know to comfort you in your dreams, but if you have a bad dream and the people that you thought were good, were doing some evil to you in your dream then know that these spirits are evil, and are sent to you to trouble you by the enemy of your souls.

But be assured that all the people that have gone before you are with Jesus and the Father in paradise, they have no part of your world anymore.

If anyone seeks a  Paranormal  experience  with so called ghosts or so called aliens ( which are evil spirits ) then you are putting yourselves in considerable danger.

We read in the Bible of those who have contacted evil spirits being consumed by these evil spirits in a very violent manner, so be warned.

If you ever desire a Paranormal experience them seek Christ Jesus only.

 But if you insist on any spiritual experience outside of the Christian faith,  you will be putting yourself in considerable danger.

The powerful Ley Line which runs through the ruin of this ancient Church called St Michaels can be found in Roche, West Cornwall.
The very ancient power source which emanates from this outcrop of rocks, which is situated very near St Austell clay pits, causes a surge of Holy Energy which resonates throughout your body when you stand in this ancient Church.
St Michaels Church is accessed by a twenty foot iron ladder, it can be quite an experience for those who do not have a head for heights. This is but one of many Holy Energy spots which can be found in Cornwall.

On top of the rock is St Michael Church, built in 1409. The ruins of the chapel were last occupied by the family of local landowners when they contracted leprosy, and stayed here so that they would not infect the village.
It is said that Roche Rock was also a staging post for the Knights Templar, for it was easily defended in those violent days.

Without YHWH castles are nothing — Without YHWH You Can Do Nothing!

CornwallVisions and Dreams

InCornwallvisions and dreams and words of knowledge are common among the Cornish Christians. Many will testify of God’s speaking to them and showing them visions just like the early church experienced.

   In my own family this was very prominent, my mother would tell me how she would hear angels singing praises to God as she walked in the fields, and my grandmother saw a vision of Jesus, walking down the corridor in hospital when she was very poorly. She soon began to recover after seeing Jesus.

   When I was about twelve years of age, I experienced God in a very powerful way. I was coming home from school, it was about a mile walk to my farmhouse, and the clouds became very dark, then a hailstorm started to fall, stinging my face, lightening tore across the sky, it was like being on a battlefield.

I hid myself behind a garage wall for shelter, but then things became much worse. I saw in the sky a huge ball of fire with lightening coming out of it, and it was heading straight for me. I cried to God, “Oh God, Oh God, save me,” and then there was a huge explosion, as God blew it out of the sky before it could kill me.

   I was very surprised to find that there was no hole in the ground, or any damage to the garage. I could hardly believe it, even though I had experienced it with my own eyes.

   So, I asked the children who were on the bus with me, “did you see a ball of fire coming out of the sky last night when I got off the bus?” “Yes,” they replied, and also my mother saw the same ball of fire streaking across the sky.

   How true is God’s Word when He says, “Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you.”

   Also when I was about twelve years of age, I saw a vision of an angel, which glowed with a light which was brighter than the very sun itself. The light did not hurt my eyes, and the angel just stood there smiling at me. It appeared to me one night after I was very distraught, for I heard my mother and father saying that my sister was having an operation and they could loose her. Well, my sister made a full recovery and now when I look back I can see that God sent one of His angels to reassure me.

So you see, if it is needed God will send one of His angels to reassure you as well.


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