Coombes Church Ghosts Downland Churches Sussex

Downland Coombes Church 

Coombes Church is an 11th century Saxon church. It is famous for its medi­aeval paintings from around 1040, which are among the most important in the country. Coombes also has a Saxon Church Bell, one of Sussex’s oldest. 

1949 traces of medi­aeval paintings were discovered.

Coombes Church Ghosts Downland Churches Sussex

It is well know that the majority of the downland Churches in Sussex are haunted by ghosts and what we Christians call evil spirits. We have come across some very strange foolish people who wish to see and contact these evil spirits. They visit these holy places of worship and use them for some diabolical practices.

Now all Churches which have problems with witchcraft and other diabolical occults, can be dealt with by prayer and the authority which Christ Jesus has given us.

The Christian Church has many practices for cleansing such holy places of worship from evil. If anyone goes to these holy places who are not seeking Christ then they are putting themselves in considerable danger.

We read in the Bible of those who have contacted evil spirits being consumed by these evil spirits in a very violent manner.

These holy Churches of our Lord are built to glorify God through Christ Jesus, and are only to be used for such purposes.

This Church at Coombes was built by the Christian Saxons well over a thousand years ago. This can be read in the doomsday book.

We found inside by the window large Saxon sword slashes. Cut into the windowsill. The Saxons used to anoint their swords inside these Churches, asking Christ’s blessing for battle. Later on in history the Knights Templar would also anoint their swords in the same way, but always on the outside of the Church.

 Now we come to the ancient wall paintings which are painted on the inside walls of the Church. This Church was used by the early Christians, for teaching how to deal with demons and devils. We see a picture of a man being crushed by a huge stone, this picture means God’s word will crush the unbelievers. Also there are two pictures of two spirits with wings, one good and one evil. There is also another picture of a winged creature which represents evil being dealt with by the Church of the living God.


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