Persecution Of The True Christian Church

Do not be surprised when some church leaders do not accept you, for there has always been people who hold high positions in churches who speak evil of men and women of God. Many of God’s people over the centuries have come up against people like that.

We read in 3 John v 9 & 10, of an elder called Diotrophes, who with foolish and malicious words spoke evil of the Apostles and who would not receive them or their teachings. He loved to have pre-eminence among the local church at that time, and if any did not obey him, he would have them thrown out of the church. Have things really changed today?

Dear loved ones, the Lord knows what is going on, if people will not receive you, then wipe the dust off feet and go your way. There are Christians in this world who will welcome you with open arms, and will pray with you and encourage you. I am reminded of Isaac’s servants who were told to dig for a well in the valley of Gerar where Abraham his father had dug well’s before.

On digging the first well, the herdsmen who lived there strove with them, and said, “this well is our’s”, so Isaac’s servants dug another well, and again, there was trouble. Now, Isaac did not give up, he tried again and on digging the third well, he found water, but most important of all, this time he found peace. For no-one forbade him to draw water from that well, “So he gave it the name Rehoboth, and said for now the Lord has made room for us and we shall be fruitful in the land”. {Genesis 26 v 22}.

So it is with some of you, eventually you will find Christians who will accept you and care for you, and appreciate you for who you are. Dear brothers and sisters, we believe that by you receiving these gospel letters, that you have fellowship with us and we with you, regardless of whether we attend church together or not, for we are all the true church of God who confess that Jesus is Lord. May the Lord richly bless you always.

I am coming, Lord, Coming now to Thee; Trusting only in the blood,
That flowed on Calvary.



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