Prophecy 12th March 2010

YHWH said.

I the Lord have no evil spirits, yet I do have spirits to carry out my judgements. I the Lord of Heaven and Earth send my spirits who can take the form of people that you used to know to comfort you in your dreams, but if you have a bad dream and the people that you thought were good, were doing some evil to you in your dream then know that these spirits are evil, and are sent to you to trouble you by the enemy of your souls. But be assured that all the people that have gone before you are with me in paradise, they have no part of your world anymore, thus saith the Lord of Hosts Maker of Heaven and Earth.

This Prophecy came to me this morning Prophecy 12th March 2010, Cornishevangelist Billy Bolitho.

Pray for our armed forces.


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  1. thank you for the prophecy and blessing…..

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