Healing all around you, Cornishevangelist

You may know that herbs can heal you, but until you have received the super, accelerated knowledge of YHWH’s magnificence  of  wonder in them, you will always be wanting. It will always remain just head knowledge, you will be as one looking through a veil, for even seeing with blurred eyes, yet, when you acknowledge the maker of all things, through Yeshua Hameshia (Jesus Christ), your veil will be lifted, and you will be able to see clearly the true and wonderful healing powers of YHWH’S herbs.


I would like to reveal to you a great truth, that your healing is all around you. God has not abandoned you, He has created a wonderful world full of herbs and plants which can and will heal every disease known to man. But you must believe by faith that He has done this.
Today, people are being abandoned and failed by the so-called medical profession. People are told to take medicine today and that these medicines will eventually kill them, there are warnings on every medical drug that is prescribed today.
There is a safe and sure way for you to receive your healing. I would like to reveal to you the name of a very special Herbalist, named Nicholas Culpeper. Read his book, and  Maria Treben Herbs Reknowned Austrian Herbalist. and you will surely discover the healing plants and herbs that Jesus provided for you.

Most of the herbs that you need to heal yourself can also be found in the fields and meadows around where you live. Walking and discovering these herbs alone will bring new vigor and health to your body.

The Doctrine of Signatures is an old Christian truth that plants (as well as animals and minerals have clues or *signatures* in their shapes and forms and actions and things that tell what their purposes are.


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  1. Do you have more information on the Doctrine of Signatures?

    • Yes I can you might like to look at Doctrine of signatures – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. and

      “Doctrine of Signatures” is the idea that YHWH has marked everything He created with a sign (signature). The sign was an indication of the purpose for the creation of the Plant Animal or Stone.

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