Prophecy 23.10.09 Apocalyptic Magnitude

Agnus dei

Soon a great devastation, of apocalyptic magnitude shall take place. The building blocks will be split, it will be the biggest devastation of a people and nation that there has ever been, yet this is not the end. 0 equals one, and one equals o.
This prophecy came to me in the evening of the twenty third October 2009.

Archangel Micheal.

Michael Archangel.


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  1. What do you think the 0 and the 1 mean?

  2. 0-1 1-0
    I do not know but this came to me several times.

    • maybe it means a reversal of some kind.

      • Maybe. well the Lord said seek and you shall find.

      • I recieved thi Prophecy 2nd December 2009
        concerning 0 = 1 1=0

        0 = 1 1=0 The physical was created from nothing, zero, and became one. Yet, one will return to zero again.
        YHWH created everything from nothing zero, that is our bodies and the world that we live in. Which is now one, but one will return to zero, which is nothing. 0 = 1 1=0

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