Ley Line Power Spot Roche Rock West Cornwall Knights Templar

Roche Rock West Cornwall,  approximately 1,032 ft above sea level.

Roche Rock .

Roche Rock (2).

Roche Rock (3)

The powerful Ley Line which runs through the ruin of this ancient Church called St Michaels can be found in Roche, West Cornwall.
The very ancient power source which emanates from this outcrop of rocks, which is situated very near St Austell clay pits, causes a surge of Holy Energy which resonates throughout your body when you stand in this ancient Church.
St Michaels Church is accessed by a twenty foot iron ladder, it can be quite an experience for those who do not have a head for heights. This is but one of many Holy Energy spots which can be found in Cornwall.

On top of the rock is St Michael Church, built in 1409. The ruins of the chapel were last occupied by the family of local landowners when they contracted leprosy, and stayed here so that they would not infect the village.
It is said that Roche Rock was also a staging post for the Knights Templar, for it was easily defended in those violent days.



Cornishevangelist ROACH ROCK.. .

Visiting ancient Christian places will impart powerful blessing on you.

If you ever desire to go to this place, I must warn you that you must be a Christian or be a seeker of the Christian faith, any other motive you will be putting yourself in considerable danger.



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  1. […] Cornwall is full of  mysteries and legends, it is visited by lots of people, being a very popular holiday destination. It also has the reputation as being a magnet attracting witchcraft, ghost hunters and new age travelers. Manifestations of spirits are very common, and for this reason many people are led astray into many harmful occult practices. If these people would only seek God through Jesus Christ, then they would find peace and joy, and all the supernatural experiences that they could ever wish for. If you ever decide to visit Cornwall then seek Christ, He is to be found everywhere. Ley Line Power Spot Roche Rock West Cornwall Knights Templar […]

  2. Interesting Blog, I like to blog myself…….I was wondering what Templar links there are In Cornwall. I live at Porthtowan. I was wondering whether St michales Mount has Templar links.

    • If you look through all of my blog you will find all that I know about the Knights Templar , you will have to search by scrolling down but their main training ground was at Temple on Bodmin Moor.Well worth a visit. I have a blog about this on my site.

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