Zodiac font St. Augustine Church Brookland Kent

Zodiac font

Zodiac font.

We visited this Church in Kent this week, the strange thing about this Church is the tower which was built beside the Church because of the soft marshy ground. The builders were afraid that if it was built on top of the Church the building would sink. Inside the Church there is evidence that the Church is beginning to sink anyway.
We found a tenth century lead baptismal font, which was very unusual because there were carvings of the star signs of the zodiac all around it. The early Christians did not have a problem with the signs of the zodiac, for they believed that God created all things and planted their crops according to the stars and the moon.

Zodiac font

The circular lead font is said to be the most important of the 30 leaden fonts in England . It is thought to have been of Flemish origin. It has the months and the signs of the zodiac. It is said that the font was raided from a French Church during the 100 Years War .

St. Augustine Church

(13th century wooden spire)
It is believed the tower was built around 1260,
The church is dedicated to St Augustine, the first Archbishop of Canterbury.


Astrology originated first with Enoch, God gave Enoch the knowledge of the stars and their meanings. You can find this in the book of Enoch which is available today in all good book stores.

Christians took this knowledge and expounded upon it with their new faith that they had received two thousand years ago. But, like all truths it has been corrupted with false teachings which has led many astray, and so today it is presented in a very deceitful manner.

False predictions of astrology charts are made for people today for one purpose only, and that is to gain financial riches from the misinformed.
You must not reject all the teachings of astrology just because it has been corrupted, but sieve through it and find the truth for yourselves.
The sons of wisdom know how to pick out the meaning of YHWH from it.

YHWH used the stars and planets as intermediaries to govern His creation and therefore that He  created the zodiac and gave the signs their various qualities, the Magi believed this.


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