Moses and  the angel of the face.

The name “Moses” is from the Hebrew word Mosheh meaning “drawing out of (the water)”


“And Elohim said to the angel of the face, write for Moses from the beginning of creation until my sanctuary shall have been established in their midst for all eternity, and Adonai will have appeared to the eyes of all and all, will know that I AM Elohim of Israel and the father of all of the children of Jacob, and Yeshua is king on mount Zion, from eternity to eternity and Zion and Jerusalem will be holy.”

From this scripture we get the name of these special angels of the face whose job is to write the oracles of Elohim for man, they are mediators between Elohim and man, thus they preserve the Holiness of YHWH.
From The Bible Holy Scripture Book Jubilees Chapter1v3

angel of the face

angel of the face  worshiping  Yeshua


Cornishevangelist Billy Bolitho Most of these pictures that we have on the web are taken from English Churches in West and East Sussex. All pictures are free to copy for the promotion of the gospel. The picture above depicts the coast of East Sussex where most of our recent pictures have been taken.


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