Templar Knights of Billinghurst West Sussex

Templar Knights

Templar Knights of Billinghurst West Sussex

On our quest around England’s ancient Churches we came across more evidence of the Knights Templar’s existence in this area.
On the outside of this ancient Church which is believed to be nearly a thousand years old, we saw where the Knights would anoint their swords for battle in the Holy Land, by sharpening the blades of their swords and knifes on the walls of this Church.
Also on the door post we saw downward slash marks.

It was sad to think that in this Church we only saw the downward slash marks. We saw no horizontal marks completing the sign of the cross, because this is what they would do when returning from the Holy Land.
The other picture which shows the completed crosses indicates that the Knights had returned to that Church after the Battle, this was found in Aldingbourne Church West Sussex.

Templar Knights of Billinghurst West Sussex (2)

Templar Knights of Billinghurst West Sussex (3)

Templar Knights of Billinghurst West Sussex (5)

Templar Knights of Billinghurst West Sussex (4)

Aldingbourne Church West Sussex.


New Jerusalem


Jerusalem seems to be always in the News and our prayer is that God’s chosen would have peace.

But, we know that peace can only come by knowing the Prince of Peace. The Holy Bible says that the people of Jerusalem are in bondage, but, the New Jerusalem which is in heaven above is free and all of God’s people are children of that Holy City.

 The Bible speaks of that heavenly Jerusalem as a precious jewel, clear as crystal, may we always seek that Holy City whose maker and builder is God. I am waiting for that day when I will walk in that city which will have the glory of God in her.

I will see a great wall surrounding that city which will be standing on twelve foundations on which are written the names of the twelve apostles and twelve mighty angels standing guard, at the twelve gates where also are written the twelve tribes of the children of Israel. Yes, a city gleaming and clear as crystal, with gates of pearl, streets of precious gold and God the Father, and Christ Jesus His only begotten Son being in the midst, illuminating that city with the glory of their presence.

From that Holy Jerusalem we shall see the great river called the water of life, clear as crystal proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. For there shall be the tree of life yielding it’s fruit and leaves for the healing of the nations and we shall see the face of God, yes, what a day that will be when we all see Jesus and sing and shout the victory, praise God.

Scriptures taken from Galations 4 v 25, 26 & 31, Revelation chapters 21 & 22.

Cornishevangelist Billy Bolitho

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