Hebrew Letter YOD

Hebrew Letter YOD

YHWH We can see two YODS in this picture either side of YHWH Name

The Hebrew Letter YOD has the shape of a leaf. YOD is the first letter in God’s Hebrew name YHWH.
The letter YOD can also be found in every letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, It is stretched to form each letter of the Alphabet, you can see this if you examine the letters carefully.
Also if you examine the leaves carefully, you will see that many of them are also shaped like the tenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet which is YOD.
Take a good look at the leaves of the tree’s you can see YHWH’S name everywhere.
Well, isn’t that just like our ADONAI, to sign His name on His creation, yes, His masterpiece.
Take a good look at the leaves of the tree’s and you will see the name of the Creator.

YHWH  SON YESHUA        Hamashia  (Ham-mah-SHEE-akh) The Annointed. The Messiah (John 1:41).



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