King Arthurs Legend Of The Lake, Dozmary Pool.

Dozmary Pool,  King Arthurs Legend Of The Lake

1 I found this lake when visiting Bodmin moor Cornwall. The stony lane which leads to this isolated place has a lot of mysterious stories told about it.
The rugged stony lane reminded me of when I used to live in West Cornwall as a child, running up and down the lanes, never once missing my footing as I placed my feet between the stones.
It is said that King Arthur’s sword the Excalibur lies at the bottom of this pool, taken down by the mysterious lady of the lake.
Cornwall is full of such mysteries and legends, it is visited by lots of people, being a very popular holiday destination. It also has the reputation as being a magnet attracting witchcraft, ghost hunters and new age travelers.
Manifestations of  spirits are very common, and for this reason many people are led astray into many harmful occult practices.
If these people would only seek God through Jesus Christ, then they would find peace and joy, and all the supernatural experiences that they could ever wish for.
If you ever decide to visit Cornwall then seek Christ, He is to be found everywhereST NEOT CORNWALL 0075


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