Greek name for     JESUS IHCOYC

This is the Greek name for “Jesus”. It may be written using the Roman alphabet

Greek name for “Christ”. XPICTOC

This is the Greek name for “Christ”. It may be written using the Roman alphabet

Most widely used Christogram is a four-letter abbreviation ICXC — a abbreviation of the Greek words for “Jesus Christ” the first and last letters of each of the words ΙΗΣΟΥΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ — written IHCOYC XPICTOC this christogram may be split: “IC” on the left of the image and “XC” on the right JESUS CHRIST.


We Ought To Obey God

When the law of the land challenges the laws of God, we should always obey God, even if it means breaking the laws of man.

 The disciples were a great example of this when they were challenged by the authorities of that time, who forbade them to preach in the name of Jesus. The disciples said, “We aught to obey God, rather than men” {Acts 5 v 29}, and we should do the same.

 Our allegiance belongs to God first, though the world will try to make you confused by using God’s laws, for example, (you must not tell lies), to make you obey them. For they are very cunning and sly, just like their father the devil.

But we don’t have to tell the truth to the devil or to the world, if it means endangering God’s precious, chosen people. 

  For example we read in the book of Joshua, that the harlot Rahab hid in her house two spies which were sent out by Joshua to spy out the land. So, when she was asked by the king’s men where they were, she did not tell them the truth.

For she hid them and said, “thus there came men unto me, but I wist not whence they were”, and she sent the kings men away in another direction, Joshua chapter 2.

If she told the truth to the authorities that she hid them in the roof of the house, then God’s people would have been killed; she was commended by the Lord for this, for God spared her life and those who remained in her house.

  Jesus was not naive to the cunningness of the devil, or man, we saw this when satan tried to use the word of God to confuse Jesus.

How stupid to think that Jesus did not know what he was up to, for in the wilderness the devil said to Jesus, “Cast yourself off this mountain, did not God say that He would send His angels, to catch you so that your feet should not be hurt on the stones”.

 Jesus was wise and He knew the devil would try to use God’s word against Him, but He was not fooled. So let us not be fooled either, by letting the enemy use God’s word against us.

  Another scripture that you will find interesting is where Jesus was questioned by His brethren the Jews; they said to Him, “You must go up to the Jewish feast of the tabernacles, for it is now due”. But Jesus knew that the Jews sought to kill Him, so He said “Go ye up to the feast, for my time is not yet full come”, {John 7 v 8}.

But when the brethren were all gone to the feast, then Jesus went up secretly also. So you see, even Jesus used His wisdom, He did not tell them what they wanted to hear, for if He did the Jews would have known where He was and would have killed Him, this was not the time for Jesus to die.

Dear Saints, let us use our wisdom when dealing with the world, always let the Holy Ghost show you how and where you must implement God’s truth for we aught to obey God, rather then men.

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  1. What does IXOYE mean?

    • Sorry do not Know

    • You actually mean “ΙΧΘΥΣ”, (the word means fish in Greek) and it is an abbrevation for:

      Ι = ΙΗΣΟΥΣ (JESUS)
      Θ = ΘΕΟΥ (GOD’S)
      Υ = ΥΙΟΣ (SON)

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