Agnus Dei frightens the devil

Agnus Dei Lamb of God

Agnus Dei Lamb of God

The early Christians knew the power of prayer, and repeating powerful words of truth that Jesus gave to the Church.

We are all familiar with the Lord’s prayer, but not many Christians today are familiar with the sacred words and phrases that the early Church used to ward off evil.

Agnus Dei is such a phrase that the early Christians used.

The roman catholic church used to use this phrase, but abandoned it for no good reason.

When we see a picture of a lamb holding a cross, it means Agnus Dei, translated from Latin into English it means Lamb of God.

These words are a powerful weapon in the Christians arsenal. When trouble comes, cry out, “ Agnus Dei”, which means Lamb of God, and the devil will flee, Jesus prevails always.

Prayer of One Who proclaim   Agnus Dei

O my Lord Jesus Christ,
the true Lamb who takes away the sins of the world;
by Thy mercy which is infinite, pardon my inquities,
and by Thy Sacred Passion, preserve me this day
from all sin and evil.

I carry about me this holy Agnus Dei in Thy honour,
as a preservative against my own weakness,
and as an incentive to the practice of that meekness, humility, and innocence
which Thou hast taught us.

I offer myself up to Thee as an entire oblation,
and in memory of that Sacrifice of Love
which Thou didst offer for me on the Cross,
and in satisfaction for my sins.
Accept this oblation, I beseech Thee, O my God,
and may it be acceptable to Thee
in the odour of sweetness. Amen.

AGNUS DEI – The Forgotten Sacred Words and Phrases of the early Church.



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