Knights Templar Church Bodmin Cornwall

Knights Temple Church Bodmin Cornwall

Knights Temple Church Bodmin Cornwall

Recently I visited Cornwall, the land of my birth. I went to Bodmin moor, where I found the Knights Templar Church at Temple, on the moor. This Church is dedicated to St Catherine, it is said that the Knights Templar trained Cornish Knights here to fight to free Jerusalem on the first Crusade and a refuge for pilgrims and travellers, en route to the Holy Land, in the 12th century.

When I visited Temple, we found that it was a very peaceful place, although some strange things happened to our car and camera during our visit. It is said that the Knights Templar were also the protectors of the ancient Holy power which existed in that area, and that this Church was built here as a beacon of Christ’s Power over all powers on earth.

The land of Cornwall is known in the Cornish language as the land of Kernow. Although now it is part of England, it is still very distinct from the rest of the mainland.

The Temple Church is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria and was founded by the Knights Templar in the Twelfth century and is located on the remote moorland of Bodmin Moor Cornwall.

This church of St. Catherine,is sited on their ancient abbey settlement, was finally suppressed  in 1312 and taken over by the Knights Hospitallers.

Found in Church

Found in Church

Bodmin Moor

Bodmin Moor

Cornwall is full of  mysteries and legends, it is visited by lots of people, being a very popular holiday destination. It also has the reputation as being a magnet attracting witchcraft, ghost hunters and new age travelers.

Manifestations of spirits are very common, and for this reason many people are led astray into many harmful occult practices.
If these people would only seek God through Jesus Christ, then they would find peace and joy, and all the supernatural experiences that they could ever wish for.
If you ever decide to visit Cornwall then seek Christ, He is to be found everywhere.

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  1. Hello Billy
    Just been browsing your website – very interesting and informative. Thanks for all the hard work…

    Kindest regards

    Chev. Harry E. King SKT
    Priory of St. George of England
    Scottish Knights Templar

  2. Dear Billy,
    A wonderful website and Blessings to you for your powerful message. Especially pleased about your warnings concerning spiritism. In my 82 year , I Visited Temple Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria (incidentlly I served as amissionary there 1950-56 until the Suez War drove us out)
    I found Temple Church a place of extreme Peace. To realize that here the Knights Templar trained the Cornish Knights for their calling early in the 1100 hundreds shortly after they were formed makes this a very very ancient place indeed. The church needs funds and I will try to raise some from my Priory. God Bless in your Ministry.
    The Rev Father Chev/ Peter Beach, Chaplain to the Knights Templar, St. King Charles the Martyr Priory, SMOTJ.

  3. God Bless you also Rev Chev, Glad that you were blessed by the Lord by your visit on Bodmin Moor. This Church at Temple has a great peace about it and I am sure that if anyone went there to pray they would be blessed as you were.Some Churches seem to have a special blessing from the Lord upon them so that those who visit them really do feel blessed.

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