King Richard Lionheart

King Richard Lionheart

Richard The Lionheart  was  Englands greatest  warrior king, he is perhaps best known as “the absent king.” This is due to the fact that during his reign from 1189-1199, he spent a total of six months in England. Richard was well known for his bravery which earned him his famous name “The Lionheart”.

Richard soon took up the cross of the crusades, much against his father’s approval.

In 1189, upon the death of Henry II, Richard was crowned king of England in Westminster Abbey London. One of his first actions was to free his mother from prison. His second was to begin to raise funds for his crusade known to history as the Third Crusade.

Anoint their swords

Anoint their swords

A Crusader Knight would line up and anoint their swords by sharpening them on the stone, which was set in to a Church wall .

A true Knight would always pray to the Lord before going in to battle

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  1. I think we all need to anoint our swords, and pray before we go into battle too.

  2. Yes you are right there. God bless Marianne

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