Christian Crusaders consecrated crosses

St Catherine Consecrated Cross

St Catherine Consecrated Cross

On our quest around Englands churches we came across consecrated crosses

Inside and out, there are consecrated crosses cut into the masonry. During the Middle Ages, it was common to incise twenty-four into a church, three on each internal wall and twelve outside.

The bishop who consecrated the building would anoint each one with the words ‘Sanctifecetur hoc templum’ (blessed be this church). This was a visible sign of dedication and a defence against the powers of the Devil. In this case, the fact that there are both internal and external examples indicate that it was done according to the English Rite and not that of Rome, which only required consecration on the inside.

Cross Consecrated Cross

Cross Consecrated Crossconsecrated cross


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  1. Thank you for sharing…I cant go to this place and I am blessed through your blog.
    (Glad you were blessed)

  2. Glad you were blessed

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