Knights Templar Wood Bosses In Roof Space.



Knights Templar Shield Designs Found In St. Johns Church Boldre Carved In Wood Bosses In Roof Space.

Our quest has brought us to the New Forest in Hampshire.

We found evidence of the Knights Templar here. At first their was very little to see, but on close examination of the roof space we saw nineteen designs of shields carved as bosses .

The Knights Templar used these designs to show their particular regiment. One had the St Georges cross, which was the most popular symbol which they would paint on their shields, others used pictures of saints, and other mystical creatures with their tongues hanging out to frighten the enemy in battle.

 On closer examination of these bosses you can see the Maltese cross behind every design. Much of the church has been desecrated, when Cromwell’s henchmen chiseled off the stone work, but the roof was too high, and too dark, thus the shields remain to this very day. We owe a lot to these brave Crusaders, who preached the gospel and gave their lives for Christendom.  

This Church was built in 1087, at the time of the first crusades. I have more pictures of these Knights shield bosses on my site where I am able to download more pictures.

Knights Templar Boldre Church Hampshire

Knights Templar Boldre Church HampshireKnights ShieldKnights Templar Shield

More on my site Knights Holy Quest

Knights Templar Shield

Knights Templar Shield


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