Knights of St John West Parley

Knights of St John West Parley

Knights of St John West Parley

The Knights of St John used this church, now called All Saints West Parley, Dorset  as one of their staging posts before embarking on their crusades to Jerusalem from Poole quay. Here they would gather to worship Christ and receive His blessing. On the doorpost of the Church is where they would anoint their swords by sharpening them on the stones.

They left other signs behind them of their presence here, by the three foot cross that is outside the Church, leaning against the porch.

Also carvings of one of their favorite saints St.  Catherine, a wooden wheel carved in wood, and a sword striking the wheel, representing the Word of God, which freed Catherine when she was tied to the wheel to be martyred.

Although not a lot is now left of the Knights existence, yet there is still enough to tell us that they have been here, and remind us of their great bravery and loyalty to Jesus Christ. For without their great sacrifice, Christianity would not be as wide spread as it is today.

St. Catherine wheel

St. Catherine wheel

knights Templar Swords Crosses

knights Templar Swords Crosses


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