Headquarters Hospitallers Knights of St. John.

Hospitallers Knights of St. John.

Hospitallers Knights of St. John.

Hampshire headquarters  Hospitallers Knights of St. John.

Hampshire headquarters of the Knights of St. John after 1365North Baddesley Southampton.


Hospitallers – History of the Order of St John
The Military Orders – Fighting for the Faith and Caring for the Sick in the name of  JESUS

On our quest around Englands churches we came across the Knights Hospitallers headquarters in Hampshire. We found evidence of their existence there and the surrounding churches, it was here that they made their plans, to free Jerusalem from the evil heathen enemy. They had a very close relationship with the Knights Templars, who they would meet being ready to embark from nearby Southampton on their crusades to the Holy Land.


When entering the church not many people notice on the right had door post there is an outline of a hand. This is said to be the “Hand of God” some say it was caved by the Knights of St. John it was customary for parishioners to put their hands on the imprint.

The old village lies to the north, and the manor house incorporates part of the Preceptory of the Knights Hospitallers, which was the Hampshire headquarters of the Order after 1365. Reminders of this are found in the local place-names of Zionshill and Knightwood. The parish church is also of mediaeval foundation, and is dedicated to St. John  the Baptist, the patron saint of the  Knights  Hospitallers

We found evidence of a Knights tomb decorated with the Maltese cross, and also ancient stained glass windows, depicting the Knights symbols, and also nearby churches carried the Maltese cross painted inside on the walls of the church.

The Knights Hospitallers were a medieval order dedicated to fighting for the faith of Christ  and protection of pilgrims, and tending the sick and infirm,

The Knights were in Baddesley for about 400 years until 1541. Following the Dissolution of the Monasteries they were at odds with Henry VIII, and were suppressed by Rome.

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