A Mansion Just For You

angel of the Lord

angel of the Lord

It doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor, or how big a house or how expensive a car we have, or how many degree’s we have, all that matters in this life is knowing Jesus. We only have a short time here on this earth, 70 or 80 years, maybe a few more if we are healthy, but it all passes so quickly. We must make sure before it is too late that we have got our priorities right, and we have a home waiting for us in heaven.


 It says in John 14 v 2, “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go and prepare a place for you.”


Won’t it be just great, God has a mansion in heaven waiting for us, not a cottage or a hut, but a whole mansion waiting for each one of us. But, first we have to make sure that we can go to heaven.


 God is a holy God, and heaven is a holy place. The angels surround God’s throne and they cry, “Holy, holy, holy”, day and night. Nothing corrupt or undefiled could ever enter heaven or they would pollute heaven as earth is polluted.


That is why God sent Jesus to earth, so that we could ask Jesus to forgive us our sins and we could have our sins washed away and we would be fit to live in heaven.


So if you want the key to that mansion in heaven, just ask Jesus, Jesus is the key. Ask Him today to forgive you all your sins, and be your Saviour, He will forgive you and cleanse you, and be the Lord and Saviour of your life. Just ask Him and He will give you eternal life and the key to your mansion.    (DB).



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  1. Even if Jesus tarries, my time is about up anyhow. 🙂

    I had a dream once about my mansion. I saw the living room. One couch and a coffee table. That was all the furniture in the house. !!!

    Then I realized that is where I spend all my time on earth now…. so he furnished where I would spend my time.

    Also, I like to dance. He left the other rooms empty so we could go dancing. He thinks of everything.


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