Only Believe



Only Believe


The Bible says, “And all things whatsoever ye ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive,” {Matthew 21 v 22}. So, sometimes why don’t we receive the things that we ask for in our prayers? God’s Word is truth, and you can depend on it. So, what happened?

The scripture says we can have anything if we believe, and so many times we just don’t believe. We may think that we do, and we may try hard to believe, but sometimes we just don’t. Or, maybe we believe for a while, and as time goes by we give up.


If we find it hard to believe then just ask Jesus for more faith. {Mark 9 v 24} …. “Lord, I believe; Help thou mine unbelief.” Jesus will get rid of all our unbelief and give us more faith, just ask Him. We must be steadfast, we must not waiver, we must continue in faith, until we receive the answer to our prayers.


Our God is a mighty God and He can do anything. There is nothing too hard for the Lord, God is everywhere, He see’s everything, and He hears your hearts cry. Victory will come, if you don’t give up. Psalm 78 v 41 says, “yea, they turned back and tempted God and limited the Holy One of Israel.” Don’t give up or limit God, our God is able to do anything and work that miracle for you and answer your prayer,…. If you only believe.  (D.B).

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  1. It’s really easy to get sidetracked when we don’t see things coming to pass in our desired time frame. This is enhanced by our instant-gratification society.

    You have some interesting pages here which I will have to check out later.

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