Margaret of Antioch, a young Christian martyr.

Crusades in the eleventh century brought news of young virgin called Margaret of Antioch, a young Christian martyr.
She was a poor girl, living under Pagan rule, which put her Christian faith severely to the test.
Because of her faith she was imprisoned and, the story tells, in her dark dungeon the devil appeared to her in the guise of a terrible dragon, but by her faith in Jesus she faced him, he was overcome. Steadfast to the end, she was finally put to death for her Christian beliefs.According to the ancient writings she was a native of Antioch,
Her father was an unbeliever. Her mother died when Margaret was an infant, and the child was raised by a Christian woman. She lived in the country keeping sheep.

A Roman soldier saw the beautiful young woman tending sheep, and tried to get her into his bed. When she refused, he denounced her as a Christian and she was brought to trial. When she refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods, the authorities tried to burn her, then boil her in a large cauldron; each time her prayers kept her unharmed. She was finally martyred by beheading.
Part of her story involves her meeting the devil in the form of a dragon, and how her faith in Jesus gave her the victory over him.
She was put to death in AD. 304Margaret testimony is very widespread in England with more than 250 churches are dedicated to her.
It is said a very powerful blessing is promised to those who wrote or read her life.
Margaret of Antioch was one of the most popular Christian saints among the laity in medieval England, primarily because of her association with childbirth.
Margaret is also one of the most common subjects for wall paintings in England; some churches have her entire life – as many as twenty scenes – adorning their walls.
Margaret of Antioch was a good Christian girl who had a very strong testimony, but many people have change her words over the centuries, but her true testimony is being told once again.

She was banned by the Pope Gelasius in 494, who decided to hid her writings, but devotion to her revived in the West with the Crusades, and many true Christians still celebrate her devotion to Jesus Christ at festivals in English Anglican Churches on July 20.

Some readings say Margaret of Antioch was a Christian virgin whose tortures and martyrdom became famous in early books of Acts.
Her persecutors tried to kill her by fire and by drowning, but each time she survived, converting the growing crowd of onlookers. Finally, she was beheaded, along with her many converts, by Emperor Diocletian. She was buried at Antioch.
God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform

The ordeals she suffered are of the most fabulous description, including being swallowed by Satan in the form of a dragon. Through her prayers she was released only later to be beheaded. This is why her emblem is traditionally in the form of a cross piercing the mouth of a dragon.
It is written that Margaret was granted a crown, a sight which leads 5,000 pagans to convert.



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